Minister Khalfi Accuses 2M Radio Show Host of Defending Nabil Ayouch

Rabat- Another chapter in the ongoing war between the Ministry of Communication and state-owned TV channel 2M.Minister of Communication Mustapha El Khalfi has accused a 2M Radio show host of being aligned to Nabil Ayouch, the director of controversial film “Much Loved”.2M journalist Younes Lazrak devoted Thursday’s episode of his radio show “OuiMaisNon” to discuss the controversy surrounding Nabil Ayouch’s controversial film on prostitution “Much Loved” and the decision to ban the film by the Ministry of Communication. To this purpose, Lazrak invited five guests, including a Ministry’s representative.However, Mustapha El Khalfi accused Lazrak of lacking professionalism, saying the radio host allocated only 20 per cent of the time to the Ministry’s representative.He added that the remaining 80 per cent was allocated to the four guests who were defending Nabil Ayouch’s film against the Ministry’s ban.Speaking during a lecture organized by the Multidisciplinary Faculty in Martil, the PJD-affiliated Minister said there was a conflict of interests since Lazrak also hosts a television show produced by Nabil Ayouch’s production company Ali n’ Production.Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Rowhani is Irans next President

Iran’s interior minister announced Saturday that moderate candidate Hassan Rowhani had won outright election as the nation’s next president.Mostafa Mohammad Najjar told a news conference in Tehran that Rowhani obtained more than 50% of more than 36 million votes cast in Friday’s election. Even Rowhani’s inner circle did not predict an outright victory, though his campaign had been polling well in recent days and advisers noted a sense of momentum. Enthusiasm was especially strong among the young, women and middle-class urban voters disillusioned with the nation’s conservative leadership and the stalled economy. Rowhani also did well in voting from the seminary city of Qom, the nation’s religious hub, results showed.Though long regarded as a conservative-leaning cleric, Rowhani emerged in the last week of the campaign as a charismatic champion of reformist ideals, including enhanced personal freedoms, gender equality and artistic liberty. He also backed using foreign policy as a means to improve the nation’s free-falling economy, battered by Western-led sanctions tied to the nation’s controversial nuclear program.Improving the moribund economy was the major theme of all six candidates. (Courtesy L.A Times) Rowhani was the lone moderate candidate supported by reformists in a race that once appeared solidly in the hands of Tehran’s ruling clerics. He faced five other candidates viewed as more conservative. Many observers had assumed that one of his conservative rivals would likely emerge victorious, or at least make it into a runoff election. But instead the conservative vote was split, analysts said, opening the way for Rowhani to pull away from the pack.Only a week ago, Rowhani had been considered a long shot to make it into a runoff election. But he received the endorsement of a pair of former presidents, and a potential rival for reformist votes dropped out of the race, consolidating his prospective support. The victory of Rowhani, 64, a bespectacled, bearded jurist who has long been a member of the inner power circle of the Islamic Republic, was a huge surprise, reflecting several factors, including a tactically adept campaign and a fractured alliance among his hard-line opponents. read more