Storms hit; students take cover

first_imgStudents took cover in the lowest level of buildings for about an hour and a half Tuesday morning after the University issued a campus-wide alert notifying the community of a tornado threat. The University informed students via e-mail, phone calls, text messages and overhead announcements to take cover. The messages called the threat “imminent.” No tornado occurred, but winds reached more than 70 mph, the South Bend Tribune reported. University spokesman Dennis Brown said there was no damage on campus besides “a couple branches [down] here and there.” Brown said the branches did not hit any buildings and he was not aware of any trees that came down. The University sent out the first alert around 9:10 a.m. and asked everyone on campus to go to the lowest level of a building. A second message was sent out at 10:26 a.m. reporting that the warning had been extended. The University gave the “all clear” for students to return to normal activity at 10:46 a.m., Brown said. Brown said the “redundancy” of the alerts — through text messages, phone calls, e-mail, the University website and the public address system — was effective in getting the word out to students, faculty and staff. The public address system, which was activated last spring, was a “very effective tool” for making an emergency announcement, Brown said. “I think for the most part the combination of tools that we used to alert the campus worked well,” he said. “It was a disruption this morning, but I think most people were able to cope and go to the lowest level and wait it out.”last_img read more

Carter, VanDerWal, Griffiths lead points at Great American Stock Car Shootout

first_imgBy Jeremy FoxOSKALOOSA, Iowa (July 1) – Cayden Carter (IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars), Curtis VanDerWal (Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods) and Dustin Griffiths (IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks) were the top point getters, as all three won both their heat races on opening night of Southern Iowa Speed­way’s 20th annual Budweiser Great American Stock Car Shootout.Back at it for night two on Thursday will be dashes for the top eight in points and last-chance qualifi­ers for all three divisions.The Stock Car main event pays $2,000 to win while Northern SportMod and Hobby Stock mains both pay $1,000. Hot laps are at 7 p.m. and racing is at 7:30 p.m.In Wednesday’s Stock Car action, round one heats went to Derrick Agee, Damon Murty and Carter. Round two heats saw Mike Hughes, Carter and Cody Agee victorious. Top eight in points were Carter, Murty, Hughes, Daniel Hilsabeck, Cody Agee, Nathan Wood, Derrick Agee and Shane Paris.Colton Livezey and Curtis VanDerWal won round one heats in the Northern SportMods while Lo­gan Anderson and VanDerWal won round two heats. VanDerWal led the points followed by Ander­son, Jason McDaniel, Brett Lowry, Livezey, Kyle Hill, Cory Van Zante and Charlie Weber.Nick Ulin and Dustin Griffiths won round one Hobby Stock heats. Griffiths and Danny Thrasher took round two heats. With two wins it was Griffiths leading the way in points followed by Thrasher, Ulin, Craig Brown, Adam Bonnett, Dale Porter, Brandon Potts and Jamie Songer.Feature winners on Wednesday were Brandon Banks in the Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modifieds and Josh Barnes in the Mach-1 Sport Compacts.Stock Car Heat Results, Round 11st heat – 1. Derrick Agee, Moberly, Mo.; 2. Nathan Wood, Sigourney; 3. Mike Hughes, Os­kaloosa; 4. Shane Paris, Muscatine; 5. Jason See, Albia; 6. Caleb Crenshaw, Fort Worth, Texas; 7. Jerry Pilcher, Bloomfield; 8. Les Blakley, Fairfield; 9. Ashton Johnson, Bloomfield; 10. Michael Bilyeu, Indianola; 11. Brock Welch, Oskaloosa; 12. Ryan Fullenkamp, Bloomfield.2nd heat – 1. Damon Murty, Chelsea; 2. Daniel Hilsabeck, Adel; 3. Casey Greubel, Lacona; 4. Cody Agee, Huntsville, Mo.; 5. Daniel Gordon, Oskaloosa; 6. Robbie Merkle, Des Moines; 7. Don­nie Pearson, Oskaloosa; 8. Austin Evans, Independence; 9. Todd Phillips, Packwood; 10. Terry Clayton, Brooklyn; 11. Jay Schmidt, Tama; DQ: Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids.3rd heat – 1. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 2. Zack VanderBeek, Oskaloosa; 3. David Brandies, Wilton; 4. Todd Reitzler, Grinnell; 5. Joe Zadina, Blair, Neb.; 6. Bob Lynch, Ottumwa; 7. Doug Sylvester, Ottumwa; 8. Ron Christopher, Forney, Texas; 9. Duawyne Herb, Hiawatha; 10. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 11. Steve Clair, Carlisle.Stock Car Heat Results, Round 21st heat – 1. Hughes; 2. Hilsabeck; 3. Reitzler; 4. Pinkerton; 5. Spaw; 6. Phillips; 7. Sylvester; 8. Blakley; 9. Christopher; 10. Pearson; 11. Lynch; 12. Johnson.2nd heat – 1. Carter; 2 Murty; 3. Wood; 4. Brandies; 5. Derrick Agee; 6. VanderBeek; 7. Pilcher; 8. Schmidt; 9. Merkle; 10. Crenshaw; 11. Bilyeu; 12. Clayton.3rd heat – 1. Cody Agee; 2. Paris; 3. See; 4. Greubel; 5. Zadina; 6. Gordon; 7. Evans; 8. Herb; 9. Welch; 10. Fullenkamp; 11. Clair.Northern SportMod Heat Results, Round 1 1st heat – 1. Colton Livezey, New Sharon; 2. Brett Lowry, Montezuma; 3. Kyle Hill, New London; 4. Cory Van Zante, Sully; 5. Brandon Dale, Memphis, Mo.; 6. Aaron Osweiler, South English; 7. Leroy Groenendyk, Oskaloosa; 8. Greg Strohman, Webster; 9. Trent Brink, Bussey.2nd heat – 1. Curtis VanDerWal, Oskaloosa; 2. Jason McDaniel, Eldon; 3. Logan Anderson, Os­kaloosa; 4. Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa; 5. Scott VanBuskirk; 6. Charlie Weber, Sigourney; 7. Danny Brau, Brooklyn; 8. Scott Brau, Brooklyn.Northern SportMod Heat Results, Round 2 1st heat – 1. Anderson; 2. McDaniel; 3. Van Zante; 4. Dale; 5. Osweiler; 6. Livezey; 7. VanBusKirk; 8. Carter2nd heat – 1. VanDerWal; 2. Weber; 3. Lowry; 4. Hill; 5. Groenendyk; 6. Brink; 7. Strohman; 8. Scott Brau; 9. Danny Brau.Hobby Stock Heat Results, Round 11st heat – 1. Nick Ulin, Agency; 2. Craig Brown, Eldon; 3. Jamie Songer, Ankeny; 4. Bobby Greene, Eddyville; 5. Bill Bonnett, Knoxville; 6. Kevin Fee, Knoxville; 7. August Bach, Newton; 8. Mike Kincaid, Cincinnati; 9. Travis Bunnell, Hedrick; 10. Daniel Dyer, Ottumwa.2nd heat – 1. Dustin Griffths, Ottumwa; 2. Dale Porter, Bloomfield; 3. Danny Thrasher, Agency; 4. Adam Bonnett, Martensdale; 5. Aaron Martin, Ottumwa; 6. Brandon Potts, Eldon; 7. Steve Allen, Oskaloosa; 8. Clayton Webster, Ottumwa; 9. Christian Huffman, New Sharon; 10. Ron Downing Jr., Ottumwa.Hobby Stock Heat Results, Round 21st heat – 1. Griffiths; 2. Potts; 3. Bill Bonnett; 4. Ulin; 5. Songer; 6. Porter; 7. Huffman; 8. Martin; 9. Bach; 10. Kincaid.2nd heat – 1. Thrasher; 2. Bunnell; 3. Adam Bonnett; 4. Brown; 5. Greene; 6. Allen; 7. Fee; 8. Web­ster; 9. Downing; 10. Dyer.Modified Feature1. Brandon Banks, Washington; 2. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 3. Andrew Schroeder, Keswick; 4. Tyler Groenendyk, Oskaloosa; 5. Colt Mather, Keswick; 6. Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa; 7. Scott Dickey, Packwood; 8. Kyle Krampe, Baxter; 9. Jerry Pilcher, Bloomfield.Sport Compact Feature1. Josh Barnes, Keokuk; 2. Shane Evans, Iowa City; 3. John Whalen, Ainsworth; 4. Bill Whalen Jr., Riverside; 5. John Girdley, Wayland; 6. Ryan Havel, Iowa City; 7. Kevin Garrett, Bloomfield; 8. Curt Myers, Sigourney; 9. Matt Moore, Ottumwa; 10. Trent Orwig, Eldon.last_img read more

Uganda Cranes in bus accident

first_imgA bus carrying the National Football team, Uganda Cranes, has been involved in an accident at Jami, Kamonkoli in the Eastern district of Budaka.All the team players and the administrators who were on their way to Kampala from meeting President Yoweri Museveni in Soroti are safe.  Initial report indicate eight people who were in a taxi that the bus rammed into are dead.The bus lost control after one of its rear tyres bust. As the driver writhed with it, he rammed into a taxi.The accident happened as the national team player s and FUFA officials were returning from Soroti, where they had just met President Museveni, he had congratulated them on winning the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup in Addis on Saturday. Uganda Cranes beat Rwanda 1-0 in the CECAFA Final on Saturday.“Five people died on the spot and the rest were rushed to Mbale Hospital in critical situation. We are at the scene trying to analyse what actually happened but it was a terrible accident,” said the Budaka OC CID, SP George Ngaruye, when contacted for comment.According to the federation Chief Executive Officer Edgar Watson, the accident was caused after the bus tyre burst and swerved off the road. The driver tried to control it as it was going to enter into a building, and as he returned back into the main road, it clashed head on with a taxi that was coming from Iganga. “The players were injured but not critical. All of them have been put in a taxi and they are on their way to Kampala. I believe the injuries were not that critical though they had to leave the bus at Kamonkoli pending other details,” Watson explained.Efforts to contact other players for details were futile.Players Hassan “Gaza” Wasswa, Dennis Okot and Kezron Kizito  were those who sustained minor injuries together with the national federation media officer Ahmed Hussein.“They have been put in a taxi and are travelling back but we will have to make sure that all the players go through a medical check up when they arrive in Kampala to avoid any post accident related problems,” said Watson.“We were riding and we had a sound and what happened after was to see that the bus had swerved and was going to ram into the building.  The entire bus started shouting as the driver tried to control it ending up in the main road,” explained Kajoba. “We were all scared.  It was scary,” said Ivan Ntenge after the accident.last_img read more