Learn a lesson from the failure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization case

2. with

? drainageIn the early stage of

once proud case, today become failure cases. To share, I hope you have a good reference, remember not too hasty operation. Why would cause this. Feed car website, if you still remember, remember that time is a month to push to the home page ranking, and stable for 2 months at home, has now been removed ranked love Shanghai. In many times before finding the operation on the optimization process, but can not find the right reasons, to solve the problem.

site: 5.31 that day, ranking all beyond 100, No. 6.20 and suddenly return to home page 7.8. But after a few days no ranking, ranking become erratic. K is looking for reasons, still did not recover after treatment. read more

Liu Jingyun Subversion of long tail keywords theory

we extended to the field of network marketing is a lot of long tail keywords energy can produce market with keywords is equal to or even beyond the mainstream.

3. search volume is very small, and unstable.

definition: the site of non target keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, called long tail keywords.


, a general theory of long tail keywords

1. long tail keywords theory applies to all network promotion methods and relevant keywords, including Shanghai dragon, PPC (pay per click advertising, for example, love Shanghai for promotion, such as the Google Adwords), advertising alliance (such as love Shanghai alliance, Google Adsense), love Shanghai snapshot promotion; read more

The website of Shanghai dragon ultimate scheme analysis of your competitors

the final analysis of their chains, the Tencent in accordance with the method of success (copy), they can send the chain is where you place to send the chain, so many sites let you choose to believe you outside of the chain can not be less! A lot of the chain to improve your website’s weight. Let you have ahead of the competition in may.

the above content by the Chongqing website promotion www.to Shanghai dragon.Org first, original articles written hard please leave a link.

The ultimate solution is the read more

The original understanding of the form in the end there are several

love Shanghai the same day to be included in the new way and the experience of veteran webmasters may not be what strange events, but a large local veteran webmaster, can be a very difficult problem. A new station on the old station, probably need 15 talents can be loved in Shanghai included, even very good website also need at least a week before they can be included in the love of Shanghai. Here a noble baby said in a moment, a new individual will be in second days by the nobility included baby. read more

How to do the optimization of enterprise



most enterprises are not competitive, but does not rule out some key words popular in the industry, so the main medium of the selection of some keywords in the choice of target keywords, with a main target key word competition can be popular, generally 3 to 4.

enterprise, Shanghai dragon ER even made many web site optimization for several years, but also do not know how to take over a business website, personal experience according to the optimization for several years and summarizes the following experience, first personal experience is not necessarily correct, so just give we learn from. read more

The new enterprise how to get out of the sandbox love Shanghai

!This is just the

a little sigh and hair, without any technical analysis, just take out small share some Shanghai dragon website operation like this writer with many new Adsense! Thank you. You posted this station a month since the love of Shanghai and noble baby search engines overview:

studio >.

the next thing to do, in addition to the daily observation sites included the number, date, keywords ranking snapshot update and optimize the site itself, more important is to continue to adhere to the regular daily quantitative regularly update the original articles. In order to obtain the trust and love of Shanghai higher in China, love Shanghai search engine keywords bring traffic can not be ignored, only do love Shanghai search engine which has a large user population Chinese search engine, more conducive to the development of the growth of read more

The network information released from the site of weight analysis

Forum: the forum is a good place for promotion, Forum promotion from the point of view, you can register multiple, although the weight in the Forum on the search engine is relatively low, but after all, is the same industry gathering place, industry downstream will have to do business, suggestion: try to find the industry forum at the forum, and to publish in the form of soft, direct advertising do not form with a soft hair, if the web link is a good way, can make a contribution to the website optimization, but if left top posts in the forum signature, so, don’t waste your time. read more

Look at the defect Lasafo Shanghai dragon set from the internal structure (2)

?The first point:

in the logo part of the station page should appear logo like this, this direct link with the way directly home, be sure to add text relevance, such as "Lasafo" brands such words, but for the whole station, but did not appear, this is copied to the station when the correlation will affect the site, the details you can see, if how will place on this blank? Maybe you will say no transfer correlation, only transfer weight; in fact empty words, you can use a background image replacement, do not put the link. read more

How to use QQ space to do keyword ranking

see a lot of people write in the QQ space to do Shanghai dragon ranking content, for this I was small, but the others did not say so complicated and mysterious, paid the money to learn, nonsense not say directly on the dry cargo.




QQ space included is a little difficult for before, I do not know why, now I do not know QQ space is open to love Shanghai spiders, or love of spiders in Shanghai began to focus on QQ space, now included in QQ space has become easier. This included the number from the QQ space can be seen. 贵族宝贝tool.chinaz贵族宝贝/history/ h=qzone.qq贵族宝贝, a little suspense?. read more

Why love Shanghai snapshot describing the contents and the actual page description does not match th

here to take a snapshot of love Shanghai grab description label with the actual content of the same example (there are many)

? December 8th article illustrates why love Shanghai snapshot didn’t catch title, description tag is not because of the content, but the reason is not caught out, but was caught but inconsistent with the actual reason manifest is not explained, such as the top 2 chart the phenomenon.

We know that


pictured above and below the page description clearly described in the contents of the label is not the same. read more

The content of the website to optimize operation process.

search Changsha wedding photography, first.

is mainly for us now an improvement of the content on the website, if you are the new words we don’t need to be improved from the beginning of the new content can start, if is old station, before we have analyzed the industry users which have explicit demand and contact demand, we see how the same industry ranked in the first five the name of the site in the dominant demand situation, if not then we must through the content to meet the needs of the dominant industry users, if the industry user’s explicit demand before five are satisfied then we can see the hidden needs, again in contrast to contact to meet demand, till we find our own website that need to meet the needs of to do, starting from this demand high quality content. (for example: Changsha wedding photography) read more

Google released link screening tool

" #" can write some descriptive text behind the no.. The tool allows ignore the entire site (such as second Domain: or 贵族宝贝baddomain贵族宝贝) is to list all the garbage chain URL (such as third), both of them can be used together, but to ensure that the upload txt files do not exceed 2M. The noble baby probably need weeks to submit information for review, and does not guarantee that the information provided must be addressed, still need to combine their independent judgment of the chain of the submitted. Generally speaking, there is no more than, in dealing with the garbage outside the chain, at least let us have a way to go. But I urge to contact the garbage outside the chain of the site owners, request to manually delete the junk the chain, there is no fruit to use this tool. read more

Fuxing the advantages and disadvantages of single page Taobao customers using the Shanghai Dragon

today, Taobao is the mainstream mode of making money online customers, more and more guest Wangzhuan owners joined Taobao promotion ranks, a data reported last month from Tencent technology channel can be obtained, the daily turnover mentioned now through Taobao alliance produced reports exceeded 36 million, divided into partners reached 3 million 500 thousand. There is such a success and the webmaster efforts are inseparable.

2, single page website promotion are simple, easy to maintain the daily management, the webmaster don’t look for a large number of products link in Taobao, Taobao stores comparing a large amount of data, as long as carefully selected 10 items of the link is enough, the time saved, the better to do site promotion read more

Add Links is one of the indispensable content of the web site optimization ranking

website weight: a website weight is higher, then the search engine on your site’s recognition of the higher value, the higher the credibility of this website.

industry related products should be roughly equal. For example a WeChat keyword marketing website is Shenzhen WeChat marketing company, so we choose the industry when selecting the relevant website network marketing industry to exchange, the only way to add links to the website will bring about the biggest effect. If not even friends of the chain in is superfluous useless. read more

Talk about the website will be why hair

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

5, the website often do the revision. Must do the site positioning, and stick to it, and do not arbitrarily delete.

secondsWebsite optimization !

3, website cheating. There are many methods of cheating, such as keyword accumulation, hidden text, door leaf etc.. We must remember that cheating is not desirable.

1, title, keywords, description of unqualified. The site is set up in the title of the key words is very important, should not be too much, three to four is good, and the description language fluent is simple. read more

The advertisement circle detail quality optimization tips (Xinshoubikan)

2, the high quality of


from the following aspects of the quality of the optimization:

and what are the benefits?

account structure, not only conducive to the account management and operation, is beneficial to improve the quality of the degree is also very.

love Shanghai bidding quality is a very important concept, the advertising circle will be in-depth analysis of bidding.

for advertisers: can obtain better rankings with lower click price, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. At the same time, improve the quality of the degree, the advertisement may jump left, increase the click rate. read more

Shanghai Dragon Enterprise Station in addition to the chain can do what

so obviously, the content is very important to do well in the station.

enterprise station is divided into external optimization and optimization of the station optimization, when the external environment is so grim situation, put more attention into the station optimization up good countermeasures.


enterprise station can be optimized from the following aspects:

Only The official statement

station anchor text

Enterprise Station of Shanghai Longfeng in addition to the chain can do what read more

Su Di Kang Shanghai City Longfeng operation customer education

1, the website The

article, "we should have a position, his insistence hat, responsible for the customer, is responsible for our own industry". Su Dikang believes that in addition to this position, we have the necessary customer education. Shanghai City Longfeng as first-line enterprises should pay more attention to "customer education, for their own, but also contribute to the development of the whole industry of Shanghai dragon. There are a lot of customer education, here we only introduce four kinds of low cost common way: read more

The content of the website has been collected can change it

third, strengthen the construction of the chain to enhance the attractiveness of the spider. After the collection of content changes, the content of this for the love of Shanghai, is a new content, so you want to make these new content as soon as possible is love Shanghai included, this time on the need to enhance the attractiveness of the spider love Shanghai by building more chain, this will make the comparison of these love Shanghai content. After all, love Shanghai intelligent level is already quite high, if the website title content, and then compare the content has been included to know before the content is slightly modified, and then make love. read more

Some improvement should pay attention to the chain of a website

The number of

4. do not contribute some readability is not high, so as not to be through.

2. pseudo original, also is a copy of the article, and then change the look, this is not being passed by.

actually I personally love second. Because of this, the success of the soft can contribute to the site itself number outside the chain is very good, and stable quality. However, we should also should pay attention to the following:

actually I think as long as the original article is, as long as the site is consistent with the contents of the article, the readability of the article, it is absolutely will be through the examination. read more