Nearly all maternal deaths occur in developing countries UNICEF report finds

“Progress for Children: a report card on maternal mortality” shows that the worst regions in which to give birth are sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, which together account for 84 per cent of maternal deaths.In the developing world, the risk of death from complications relating to pregnancy and childbirth over the course of a woman’s lifetime is one in 76, compared with one in 8,000 in the industrialized world. The riskiest place to give birth is Niger, where that risk is estimated to be one in seven.“The tragic fact is that every year more than half a million women lose their lives as a result of complications due to pregnancy or childbirth,” said Peter Salama, UNICEF’s Chief of Health. “The causes of maternal mortality are clear – as are the means to combat them. Yet women continue to die unnecessarily.” According to the report, haemorrhage is the most common cause of death, particularly in Africa and Asia. A woman’s overall health – including her nutritional level and HIV status – also influences the chances of a positive outcome to her pregnancy and childbirth.Poverty, inequity and general attitudes towards women and their health also play a part in maternal mortality rates, as did cultural or traditional practices that often prevent women from seeking delivery or post-partum care, the report stated. UNICEF emphasized that most maternal deaths are avoidable, especially with better health care during the critical pregnancy, delivery and post-partum periods. It noted there have been improvements in maternal health interventions in recent years. Coverage of antenatal care in the developing world has risen by 15 percentage points in the past decade, with 75 per cent of expectant mothers now receiving some antenatal care. Many countries have also boosted coverage of skilled delivery attendance, such as in Asia, where the proportion of women who have a skilled attendant present during delivery jumped from 31 to 40 per cent between 1995 and 2005. Increases have also been seen in many African countries.“Ensuring that skilled personnel are present at all deliveries and that these personnel have access to emergency care where necessary is the most effective means of saving the lives of mothers,” stressed UNICEF. At the same time, the agency calls for speeding up progress in the developing world to attain the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on maternal health, which calls for a 75 per cent reduction in maternal mortality by 2015.“Saving mothers’ lives is not only a moral imperative, but a sound investment that benefits their children, their families, their communities and their countries,” said Tessa Wardlaw, UNICEF’s Chief of Statistics and Monitoring. “Indeed, there is a clear connection between maternal health and other Millennium Development Goals, such as eradicating extreme poverty, reducing child mortality, and combating HIV and AIDS and other diseases,” she added. 19 September 2008Over 500,000 women die unnecessarily every year due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth, with 99 per cent of those deaths occurring in developing countries, according to a new report released today by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). read more

UN rights official calls on international community to help displaced Chadians

“While Chad and Sudan have suspended diplomatic relations over allegations that each hosts rebels opposed to the other’s government, the people of both countries, both the internally displaced and those who have fled across the joint border, are paying a terrible price,” Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Representative on the Human Rights of IDPs, Walter Kälin, said in a statement.“Recognizing that the crisis has outstripped its resources, Chad has requested assistance from the international community to improve protection,” he added, noting that more than 50,000 Chadians have been displaced recently in addition to the over 200,000 refugees from Sudan’s war-torn Darfur region that Chad is already hosting. “We must not turn our backs on this request, or to the thousands presently at risk.”Mr. Kälin noted that Chad, a historically refugee-receiving country whose people “have extended their generosity to those in need of international support and protection,” is facing an overwhelming burden on the local population and support structures in its eastern region. “Both refugees and internally displaced persons are at risk of violence by regular and irregular groups, as are humanitarian workers,” he said.“After three years of uncontained destruction in Darfur, the janjaweed have increasingly violated Chad’s border, initially pursuing refugees from Darfur and now targeting Chadian communities,” he added.“I urgently call on the Chadian and Sudanese authorities, and the international community, to provide protection to the area’s residents, Sudanese and Chadian alike.” read more

Germany and Netherlands to meet in Euro 2020 qualifying

DUBLIN — Germany will face the Netherlands in a challenging qualifying group for the 2020 European Championship in a swift reunion between the sides after meeting in the UEFA Nations League.Only one point was collected from two matches against the Netherlands as Germany was relegated from the Nations League last month, capping a miserable year that saw Joachim Loew’s side deposed as world champions with a group-stage exit in Russia.The Netherlands didn’t even qualify for the World Cup after also failing to make Euro 2016 despite a jump to 24 teams. But the Dutch are resurgent with a young team coached by Ronald Koeman, with a shot at silverware in the Nations League Final Four tournament in June.Before then, qualifying begins in March for the first continent-wide European Championship that sees no host nation guaranteed a spot. Two teams qualify from each of the ten groups. Also drawn Sunday in Group C alongside the Netherlands and Germany are Northern Ireland, Estonia and Belarus.Usually staged in one or two nations, UEFA has distributed games across Europe to celebrate 60 years of the competition after finding it tough to find a single suitable host.The tournament will open in Rome on June 12 before ending in London at Wembley Stadium, which will stage both semifinals and the final on July 12.England has a seemingly smooth path to the finals, when it could host two games in the group stage at Wembley. Gareth Southgate’s side was drawn in Dublin alongside Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo, which is in qualifying for the first time for a European Championship.France, which won the World Cup in July and lost the Euro 2016 final on home soil, is in qualifying with Iceland, Turkey, Albania and Moldova.Defending European champion Portugal was drawn in Group B alongside Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania and Luxembourg.Italy, which failed to qualify for the World Cup, is in Group J with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia and Liechtenstein.Belgium, FIFA’s top-ranked team which reached the World Cup semifinals, will return to Russia in Group I and also face Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and San Marino.Spain, the 2008 and 2012 European champion, is in Group F with Sweden, Norway, Romania, Malta and the Faeroe Islands.Croatia, which reached the World Cup final for the first time in July, is in Group E with Wales, Slovakia, Hungary and Azerbaijan.Group D consists of Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Georgia and Gibraltar.___More AP soccer: and Harris, The Associated Press read more

Road frontage farmers tans and flat caps Its the 2014 Irish Farmer

first_imgLADIES AND GENTLEMEN please gather yourselves for the 2014 Irish Farmer Calendar.Filled with 100% Irish beef and farmer’s tans, it features hunks from Westmeath, Tipperary, Wexford, Armagh, Roscommon and Kilkenny.All the men are real-life farmers and Mr December, also known as Stephen Hamilton from Ballaghaderreen, Co Roscommon, also doubles up as a ballet dancer.The 28-year-old told that his graceful moves “definitely makes it easier to climb gates”.At only €10, proceeds go towards Irish charity Bóthar.Creator of the calendar series, now in its fifth year, Ciara Ryan says that interest has far exceeded previous years and they had orders from as far afield as the US, Australia, UK, Germany, Poland, France, Hong Kong, and South Africa.Check out these so good they’re baa-d Irish farmers:last_img read more

Apple patent details privacy mode for iDevice displays

first_imgOf all the portable device displays on the market today, Apple has one of the most impressive with the Retina Display on the iPhone 4. It offers such a high resolution you can’t see the individual pixels while at the same time allowing multiple people to view content with wide viewing angles.That’s all well and good when you want to share what’s on the screen with others, but what about those times when you are reading a private document, placing an order you don’t want your girlfriend to see, or just want to stop people looking over your shoulder at your beautiful screen?AdChoices广告At the moment, it’s a case of turning the display on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, and making sure no one is in viewing distance. In the future, Apple may provide you with an option to turn on a Privacy Mode, meaning no one but you can see what is on the screen of your device.That Privacy Mode would require a new type of screen design, and that’s exactly what a new patent from the company covers in great detail.Apple’s idea is to allow just about any LCD, LED, or OLED display to have this Privacy Mode applied. The method is complex, but relies on being able to control the direction of the light emanating from the display to the extent that it would only be viewable from a very small angle range. In other words, the person with the screen directly in front of them would be the only one seeing the content. This wouldn’t just be a setting, though, it seems Apple would allow the user to change that angle by some degrees.The patent and technology behind this isn’t just limited to a physical screen. There’s also mention of projection being limited, too. So, for example, a future iPhone could have a pico projector embedded, but the angle of the light used in the projection limited so those around you can’t see it.It all sounds very clever, and Apple actually came up with the idea in the last quarter of 2009. It’s only now the patent has become viewable and carries the title “Systems and methods for electronically controlling the viewing angle of a display.”Whether we ever see it used in a device depends on just how easy it is to implement in existing screen tech, and whether it can be implemented reliably and without making a device thicker. From a user’s point of view, I’m sure we’d all appreciate the ability to make our displays more private at the touch of a button or tap of a screen.Read more at Patently Applelast_img read more

The 9 at 9 Saturday

first_img Short URL By Cliodhna Russell Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 9,446 Views Image: Shutterstock/justsolove Share2 Tweet Email EVERY MORNING, brings you the stories you need to know as you start your day.1. #CRIME: A well-known criminal was shot dead in the Lucan area of west Dublin last night.2. #BLARNEY: A woman in her late 20s died in a car crash in Cork last night.3. #PIVOT: US President-elect Donald Trump broke with decades of foreign policy to speak with the president of Taiwan over the phone.4. #SECURITY RISK: Thousands of Eir customers’ data may be at risk of being stolen because of a fault with a piece of internet hardware, or modem, supplied by the company.5. #VIDEO APPEAL: An 89-year-old Holocaust survivor is warning Austrians not to vote for the far-right party.6. #SAN FRANCISCO: Health officials in San Francisco are investigating after a Thanksgiving meal has been linked with three deaths.7. #CRACKDOWN: Britain wants to fine porn sites for letting under-18s visit.8. #FARM SAFETY: A new app designed to promote safety for children on farms has been launched amid warnings of heightened risks to children over the winter period.9. #HIT THE DIFF: These are 19 of the very best moments from the Late Late Toy Show. No Comments Saturday 3 Dec 2016, 8:52 AM Image: Shutterstock/justsolove The 9 at 9: Saturday Well-known criminal shot dead in Dublin, woman killed in Cork crash and the best moments from the Toy Show, it’s the 9 at 9. Dec 3rd 2016, 8:52 AM last_img read more

Microbiome Research Challenges Classical Concept of Self

first_imgNew research suggests humans are not the individual, unique characters we believe ourselves to be.It turns out, we’re actually a walking, talking collection of trillions of organisms. (A “megaorganism,” if you will.)“Evidence shows that our resident microbes orchestrate the adaptive immune system, influence the brain, and contribute more gene functions than our own genome,” according to an article published in the open-access journal PLOS.The three classic biological explanations for the individual self—the immune system, the brain, the genome—are being “challenged,” the study said, by the new field of microbiome research.The more scientists learn about the microbiome, the less the idea of humans as a singular organism rings true.“There is now overwhelming evidence that normal development as well as the maintenance of the organism depends on the microorganisms (collectively the microbiome) that we harbor,” the article states.Comprising about half the cells in our body, microbes wield great power over the human brain, immune system, and gene functions.“The realization that humans are not individual, discrete entities but rather the outcome of ever-changing interactions with microorganisms has consequences beyond the biological disciplines,” study authors Tobias Rees of McGill University, Thomas Bosch from the University of Kiel, and Angela Douglas of Cornell University explained.This is not to say that humans are not unique; look around and you’ll see that we are all different from each other. The real takeaway is that our uniqueness doesn’t come just from genetics or our brains, but also from the hoards of other organisms crawling around us.“The challenge is big, the opportunity even bigger: It is time, and perhaps past time, to rethink collaboratively—beyond arts and science divisions—what it means to be a living human being at home in a microbial world, one on which we depend and with which we are inseparably interwoven,” the researchers said.“Microbiome science has the exciting—and important—potential to catalyze the breakdown of the anachronistic barriers between the natural and the human sciences and enable a truly integrated understanding of what it means to be human, after the illusion of the bounded, individual self.”After all: “The human is more than the human.” Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Warning: Don’t read this if you struggle with your sense of self.last_img read more

Agriculture Minister Cautions Against Importing Pork

first_img Jamaica’s Senate Begins debate on National Identification and Registration Bill Recommended for you Related Items:agriculture minister, importing, jamaica, montego bay, pork Two boys die, bicycle and van collide in St. Catherine, Jamaica Bahamas DPM Turnquest, as IDB Governor, Talks Technology and Climate Change Resilience at IDB Conclave Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppMONTEGO BAY, March 29 (JIS): Minister of Agriculture, Labour and Social Security, Hon. Derrick Kellier, hascautioned consumers and stakeholders in the food industry, not to panic in the face of the reported shortages in the pork industry and to resist the urge for imported alternatives.“I wish to refer to the current situation as it relates to the reported shortages in the pork industry. While we appreciate that there may be a current tightness in the market, we need to resist the urge to open (the) floodgates of importation and thereby destroying our hard-earned achievements in the sector,” Mr. Kellier said.He issued the caution as he addressed the recent official launch of Jamaica’s ninth Agro-Park, the Sweet River Abattoir Agro-Park near Ferris Cross in Westmoreland. Mr. Kellier noted that the Ministry will do its best to safeguard the gains made and will therefore be calling all stakeholders and industry players to a meeting next week to assess the situation and discuss the way forward.He further told participants at the launching ceremony of the $292 million abattoir, that the Government was committed to providing the legislative framework to ensure the success of the abattoir, by making it mandatory that all commercial meat pass through certified abattoirs.“Together with the National Animal Identification and Traceability System and the recently established Praedial Larceny Unit, we are confident that this arrangement will deal another blow to praedial thieves. I am sure that we can all together make this work,” the Agriculture Minister said. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Silva impressed by Yerry Minas performance

first_imgEverton manager Marco Silva is happy with the man-of-the-match performance of Yerry Mina in his first start at Stamford Bridge.Everton signed Yerry Mina signed from Barcelona in August, and he made his Premier League debut as a sub just last weekend due to a foot injury, but he replaced Kurt Zouma and played fulltime.Sky Sports named Mina man of the match as he kept Chelsea’s attack at bay in their goalless draw at Stamford Bridge and Silva was happy with his contribution.“He did everything I expected,” Silva told Sky Sports.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“It was his first official match in maybe three or four months and he showed his quality.“He is very good on the ball and he is a player who will give us quality on the ball. Even without the ball, he did what we planned, our defensive organization and process.“I think he did really well.”last_img read more

Ruptured water main leaves elementary school several businesses without water

first_img October 2, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Ruptured water main leaves elementary school, several businesses without water Posted: October 2, 2018 KUSI Newsroom SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A ruptured 12-inch water main left affected businesses and an elementary school Tuesday in the Southcrest area.The break was reported around 6:20 a.m. on National Avenue near 36th Street, city spokesman Arian Collins said.Utility crews arrived shortly before 7:30 a.m. and shut off the leak, Collins said. It was not immediately known how long it would take to make the repairs.The leak left several nearby businesses and Emerson-Bandini Elementary School without water service, Collins said.The city notified the school of a 12-hour water service outage and school officials arranged for bottled water, portable restrooms and hand- washing stations to be brought to the school, San Diego Unified School District spokeswoman Maureen Magee said, adding that classes were not disrupted by the outage.San Diego police closed eastbound National Avenue between 35th and 36th streets due to the break, public-affairs Officer Billy Hernandez said. KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

Control Of Alaska House Unsettled Ahead Of Session Start

first_imgThe state has long relied on oil revenues and last year, after years of deficits, began using Alaska Permanent Fund earnings to help cover part of the gap. Earnings also are used to pay the annual dividend residents receive from the oil-wealth fund. If lawmakers have not organized in a way that forms a majority by Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer would oversee nominations for and election of a speaker pro tempore, according to his office. Republicans, therefore, were eager to reclaim control, asserting the day after the elections that they had organized a bare-minimum majority, even though a race involving one of their members, Bart LeBon, was too close to call. While the race was being sorted out, ultimately in LeBon’s favor, Kenai Rep. Gary Knopp left the GOP caucus, saying the organization was too small and “doomed to fail.” Nancy Dahlstrom, who had just won a seat, left to become Dunleavy’s corrections commissioner. The way lawmakers organize determines their top leadership. The majority leader the past two years, Anchorage Democratic Rep. Chris Tuck, said having freshmen get to know members from the other party is important. There was pushback last year against the level of cuts already made in some areas. Alaska does not have a state sales or personal income tax. Tuck said he doesn’t know how $1.6 billion could be cut “without tanking the economy further.” Republicans will hold 23 of the chamber’s 40 seats, which would be enough for a small majority. But party doesn’t always dictate how lawmakers organize. In 1981, a permanent speaker wasn’t elected until the 22nd day of session, and that organization was tenuous. That June, during session, the Democratic House speaker, Jim Duncan, was ousted from the role and replaced by Republican Joe Hayes. The two Republicans who caucused with Democrats and won re-election have indicated a desire to be part of a coalition. Knopp, who hasn’t joined with Democrats either, has expressed interest in the parties working together. Republican Sharon Jackson, whom Dunleavy appointed to replace Dahlstrom, must be confirmed by House Republicans and seated. Some legislators argue fixes have been made to the criminal justice overhaul, and all-out repeal is unnecessary. The dividend calculation has not been followed since 2016, as lawmakers grappled with the budget deficit. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The big question heading into the new legislative session Tuesday is: Who will control the Alaska House? No one wants a repeat of that, said Rep. Dave Talerico of Healy, a leader of the Republican caucus. The best outcome, in his mind, would be for his group to pick up a few more members. Some current or incoming Republican members have said they would prefer a GOP-led majority organization, or pledged to voters that they would only be part of an organization led by Republicans. But she said the state can move in that direction by asking whether certain services are necessary and whether some can be covered through public-private partnerships.center_img Bipartisan coalitions have formed when the parties are closely divided or evenly split. Organizations have formed, too, in bids to help protect constituent interests. Dunleavy’s budget office has projected a $1.6 billion deficit for the coming fiscal year. Dunleavy said he would work to ensure his budget proposal is in line with revenues. “Right now, just staring at each other isn’t a very good process,” Tuck said. For the past two years, the House has been controlled by a largely Democratic coalition that formed with a goal of addressing the state’s deficit following drawn-out and gridlocked legislative sessions. The few Republicans who joined were branded turncoats by then-state GOP chair Tuckerman Babcock, now Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s chief of staff. “The State is facing real challenges to move forward, and Alaskans need all branches of their government functioning to help find solutions,” Meyer’s chief of staff, Josh Applebee, said by email. In November, two of the coalition’s members lost re-election bids to Republicans, and a third successfully ran for state Senate. His House seat went to a Republican. He and other legislators hoped having everyone in Juneau, face to face, could help break the logjam. Tuck likes, at least as a starting point, a so-called committee of the whole. A version of that concept was floated in an Anchorage Daily News opinion piece by Republican Gail Phillips and Democrat Kay Brown, former lawmakers who proposed the Republican and Democratic-led groups share power, with co-speakers who would rotate in the duty and committee co-chairs. Under their proposal, the full House would vote on a leadership package. North Pole Republican Rep. Tammie Wilson said cutting $1 billion would be difficult without major restructuring and she doesn’t think it could happen in a year. Typically being in the majority means bigger offices, committee chairmanships and larger staffs. Republican Rep. David Eastman, a conservative lawmaker at times at odds with his party, said organization should occur around agenda items and priorities, not around personality and positions of authority. He said two issues that lawmakers should begin organizing around are repeal of a sprawling criminal justice overhaul and following the traditional formula for calculating the annual checks residents receive from the state’s oil-wealth fund, both issues Dunleavy has championed. Rural Alaska Democrats, for instance, have organized with the GOP when it’s in charge to ensure their districts aren’t left out of budget and policy decisions.last_img read more

Essence EIC is Out in Restructuring Efforts

first_imgEditor-in-chief Vanessa De Luca is out at Essence after five years. The brand is also letting go of its editorial projects director, Patrik Henry Bass, after 18 years with the company. A statement released by Essence Communications president Michelle Ebanks said the two are leaving the company amid an editorial restructuring following its sale in January from Time, Inc. to a group of investors led by Shea Moisture founder Richelieu Dennis.After a decade with the brand, DeLuca was named editor-in-chief in 2013. During Bass’s nearly two decades with the company, he stood out as the magazine’s books editor and an organizer of the Essence Festival.Ebanks said in the statement that in order to maintain the brand’s authentic vision and evaluate areas of needed transformation, “we are realigning our editorial team structure to include more content integration and audience development across all platforms, including digital, social, video, live experiences and the magazine.”Vanessa De LucaIn a note to the staff, Ebanks further stated that the magazine “will not be replacing these roles moving forward and will share more with you in the coming weeks regarding our realigned editorial structure.”In the interim, Yolanda Sangweni, digital content director, and Jacklyn Monk, executive editor, will oversee content and operations across all platforms for the brand—including digital, social, video, live experiences and the magazinelast_img read more

AI gets spicy with new McCormick flavors

first_img Share your voice June Intelligent Oven Aug 30 • Battling bot vacs: iRobot Roomba S9+ vs Neato Botvac D7 Connected Post a comment Aug 31 • The best coffee grinders you can buy right now See All McCormick’s One line of seasonings will launch this year.  McCormick & Company Artificial intelligence could be what’s for dinner, thanks to a partnership between McCormick & Company and IBM. The two brands are have been working together for years on flavor research, and recently announced that the fruits of their labor will hit shelves this year. IBM and McCormick developed an artificial intelligence system built on data points and years of research to predict new flavor combinations and help flavor developers create new recipes quicker. McCormick’s first AI-enabled product line, called One, will launch this year with a set of one-dish recipe mixes. Just what sort of flavors are AI bots dreaming up? For now, you’ll get Tuscan Chicken, Bourbon Pork Tenderloin, Farmers Market Chicken, Glazed Salmon and New Orleans Sausage. Those mixes are intended for proteins and vegetables and are expected to be available in the US in late spring.  CNET Smart Home Review • June’s $1,500 smart oven needs to study up Tags All the coolest kitchen tech we saw at CES 2019 Flavor is a complicated experience, of course. As humans, our sight, taste and smell all play into how we perceive a flavor. The new favors in the One line were created by combining IBM’s AI and machine-learning capabilities with more than 40 years of proprietary sensory science and taste data from McCormick. That includes decades of past product formulas and data about consumer taste preferences. We’ve seen AI in other parts of the kitchen, like Whirlpool’s WLabs Smart Countertop Oven and the June Intelligent Oven. Will AI someday takeover all our food science labs? Probably not. I’d like to think we’ll always have at least a few humans taste-testing any computer’s culinary creations. However, having AI around to suggest new flavors based on past successes has helped McCormick developers speed up the process of creating new seasonings, and that could mean more options for consumers and better weeknight dinners.  Smart Home Software Sci-Tech Random Aug 31 • Alexa can tell you if someone breaks into your house AI in business: radical transformations 23 Photos CNET Smart Home reading • AI gets spicy with new McCormick flavors Aug 31 • Best smart light bulbs for 2019 (plus switches, light strips, accessories and more) Preview • Stalk your food with the camera-equipped June Intelligent Oven 5:57 Now playing: Watch this: • 0 IBMlast_img read more

Watch White House basement offices flooded after heavy rain in

first_imgWashington: Driving rains flooded parts of Washington, DC, on Monday, shattering a daily record in just an hour, forcing 15 swift-water rescues from stranded cars and causing an undeniable leak in the White House.”This is a life-threatening situation. Seek higher ground now!” the National Weather Service warned amid torrential rains that dropped 3.3 inches (8.4 cm) at Reagan National Airport from 9 a.m. through 10 a.m. ET (1200-1300 GMT), shattering in one hour the previous record of 2.2 inches (5.6 cm) set in 1958. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us It was the seventh-wettest July day since record-keeping began in 1871, said NWS meteorologist Marc Chenard. “They broke their daily record in an hour,” he said. Even more rainfall was recorded further northwest, in Arlington, Virginia, where about 5 inches (12.7 cm) fell from 9 to 10 a.m., Chenard said. The rains eased by late morning and were expected to end by midday, Chenard said. Also Read – This is why Denmark, Sweden and Germany are considering a meat tax Advertise With Us Torrents of water streamed through the ceiling of Metro stations, and major arteries serving Washington’s top museums and memorials shut down due to high water as local emergency personnel reported rescuing several people from cars. By midday, DC Fire and EMS said it had saved 15 drivers. Firefighters used yellow rubber lifeboats to rescue those trapped by the flood waters. Twitter images showed a photograph of a very wet floor beneath office chairs and desks on the basement level of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “White House is leaking,” CNN journalist Betsy Klein tweeted with the picture.last_img read more

CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to meet district officials today

first_imgTirupati: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will be holding a meeting of district officials here on Friday. Reddy, who will be arriving to the pilgrim city to welcome President Ram Nath Kovind, will conduct the meeting ahead of the President’s arrival, in R&B Guest House here from morning 9 am to 4.30 pm according to official information. Also Read – Rs 65.30lakhs Exgratia paid to deceased family Advertise With Us Later, he would proceed to Renigunta airport and will depart from there after welcoming President at the airport, along with Governor ESL Narasimhan, who will accompany the President in his two-day official visit to Tirumala. Chief Minister is reaching the pilgrim city by road from Vijayawada at about 12 in the night official sources said. President Kovind after his arrival at Renigunta Airport at 5 pm on Saturday would immediately leave by road to Tiruchanur to offer prayers to Goddess Padmavathi and later visit Sri Kapileswara temple in the city before reaching Tirumala. According to TTD sources, President on Sunday will first pray at Sri Varaha Swamy temple and later Tirumala temple to offer worship to Lord Venkateswara at 6 in the morning. Tirupati police are virtually on their toes with the host of VIPs visiting the pilgrim city.last_img read more

Rome witnesses fierce political clash

first_imgAnti-riot policemen face a group of rioters during clashes in Fuorigrotta district during a rally organized by citizens and social community against the political meeting of Matteo Salvini, general secretary of Italian far-right party Lega Nord on March 11, 2017 in Naples. Photo: AFPFierce clashes between police and masked protestors in Naples triggered a row over whether the Italian city’s leftist mayor had encouraged activists bent on preventing a rightwing rival from speaking there.A debate that exposes several faultlines in national politics followed running battles on Saturday involving a small group that broke away from a protest by several hundred people marching against Northern League leader Matteo Salvini.They began hurling stones, flares, smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails at riot police, who replied with baton-and-shield charges and tear gas.The confrontation continued for over an hour with a handful of cars vandalised and several rubbish carts overturned.Police made three arrests and were looking for three other people reported to have been involved. There were no reports of serious injury.Salvini, an anti-immigration, anti-euro populist who attracts protests whenever he ventures out of his northern stronghold, said he would be filing a defamation suit against the mayor, Luigi de Magistris.In the run-up to Saturday’s clashes, the independent left-winger had branded Salvini a fascist xenophobe with contempt for southern Italy.He also tried to use his mayoral powers to deny the far right leader a venue for his first rally in Naples.- Mayor ‘should resign’ -He was overruled by the local prefect, acting on the orders of the interior ministry.”De Magistris should resign instead of accusing me of being a Nazi-fascist,” Salvini said Sunday.”Nothing like this has ever been seen in Naples and the worst thing about it is the mayor’s support for it.”De Magistris’s handling of Salvini’s visit also came under fire from most of the media and constitutional experts who said the mayor should not have challenged the populist rightwing leader’s freedom of expression.”Handing Salvini the stamp of being the defender of free speech and the right of political leaders to voice their opinions was, frankly, an unthinkable short-circuit,” Francesco Casavola, the former president of Italy’s Constitutional Court, told La Repubblica.De Magistris, who had voiced support for the anti-Salvini protestors earlier in the week, said he did not condone what happened on Saturday afternoon.”As a former magistrate who is proud of the his city, I distance myself from any form of violence,” he said.Media reports said the protestors involved in the violence were a mixture of militants of the anti-globalisation Black Bloc group and hooligan fans of local football club Napoli, known as “ultras”.last_img read more

Sanjay Chander to take over as new DGP from July 1

first_imgKOLKATA: In a major change to the Bengal IPS cadre, state Director General of Police (DGP) Virendra was replaced on Friday.In a notification issued late in the day by the additional Chief Secretary of the Home and Hill Affairs department, 1987 batch IPS officer Sanjay Chander has been directed to take over as the new DGP, with effect from July 1. Chander is presently posted as the Additional Director General of Police, Counter Insurgency Force (CIF). He has now been placed in the post of DGP, CIF, until further orders. The sudden removal of Virendra possibly comes in light of the spate of violence in Bhatpara following the Lok Sabha poll results and more recently in Gurap. It is apprehended that his inability to prevent the law and order situation from spinning out of control on multiple instances in this connection has triggered the government to take the step.last_img read more

VIDEO The internet is destroying a bust of Cristiano Ronaldo that looks

first_img They also made a statue that looks like a confused man walking into a thunderstorm in his long johns.They may not be Michelangelo, but It’s the thought that counts. A bust and statue in front of the Madeira Airport in Portugal was dedicated to native son, Cristiano Ronaldo. It more closely resembles Sloth from Goonies. Not surprisingly, it’s getting killed on social media.I defy you not to feel better after viewing this picture of Cristiano Ronaldo alongside his portrait bust.— Tom Sutcliffe (@tds153) March 29, 2017 Advertisementlast_img read more

NHS told Offer everyone PrEP by next April and slash HIV

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Leading HIV and LGBTI rights charities have told the NHS today: You must allow everyone to access PrEP.Over 32 groups have united including the National AIDS Trust, THT, and Stonewall. The united front have demanded the HIV prevention drug is accessible by anyone by April 2019.The call has come as the UK is at a tipping point in how it treats sexual health.Transmission rates have fallen a dramatic 29% among gay and bi men in London. However, many sexual health clinics have closed.Why the NHS needs to offer everyone PrEPAdvocates campaigning for PrEP on the NHSPre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a drug that, if taken daily, can almost guarantee you will not become HIV positive.Across Britain, NHS England began a large-scale trial providing access to 10,000 people over three years.The trial has only been going on for eight months. Over 7,000 places in the trial have been filled.In June 2018, NHS England said it was considering adding a further 3,000 places to the trial.The trial was called out by the united group for being ‘limited’. Trans people and BAME communities are also at risk.‘A national PrEP program will not only meet actual need but also provide welcome assurance to those currently accessing PrEP through the IMPACT trial that they will be able to continue to access PrEP once the trial ends,’ the group states.The statement adds: ‘NHS England must honor its commitment to commission PrEP in a national program. The trial was never proposed by NHS England as a means to only partially meet need.’‘Without the PrEP trial I wouldn’t have been able to access PrEP’Matthew Riley, 25, has been taking PrEP via NHS England’s IMPACT trial for six months. He said: ‘I started PrEP after doing a lot of research. It gives me control over my sexual health. It gets rid of the shadow that HIV, as a gay man, casts over my sex life. Being more comfortable with yourself and your health essentially means healthier, better sex.‘Financially, I wouldn’t have been able to buy PrEP for myself because I just don’t have the disposable income. Without the PrEP trial I wouldn’t have been able to access PrEP.’Sexual health in the UK is at a ‘tipping point’Gay Star News recently exposed how 56 Dean Street, London’s leading sexual health clinic, has slashed its bookable daily timeslots from 350 to 75.At least five sexual health clinics have closed in London over the past two years – partly due to cuts to NHS and local authority funding. These include Lloyd Clinic in Guy’s Hospital, Riverside Health Centre in Vauxhall and Artesian Health Centre in Bermondsey, among others.The Royal College of Nursing has warned sexual health services in the UK are at a ‘tipping point’ due to cutbacks in funding. It surveyed 600 nurses working in sexual health services and found low-morale and serious under-staffing.Will Nutland, co-founder of PrEPster, said: ‘With almost three-quarters of trial places taken, it is imperative that we now have a road-map for implementation of routine commissioning of PrEP. We know that PrEP works: now’s the time to make sure it’s available for everyone who needs it.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . David HudsonSome people worry about adding PrEP to their existing therapy regimes Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… GAYSTARNEWS-last_img read more

MSC Cruises 96 hour sale is coming

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