Heres your cute quota for the day…

first_img Here’s your “cute quota” for the day… The gold stocks gapped up over 2 percent at the open…and then chopped lower until gold put in its low at 11:30 a.m. in New York.  From that point they rallied a bit before chopping sideways into the close. The HUI finished up 0.83%…a very poor performance considering the size of the price gain. Sponsor Advertisement It was another day where gold wasn’t allowed to close over the $1,400 price mark The gold price hit its low shortly after 9:00 a.m. in Hong Kong on their Thursday morning…and then rallied unsteadily right until the 8:20 a.m. Comex open in New York.  But as it was about to break above the $1,400 spot price mark, a seller showed up…and gold got sold down until shortly before noon  EDT.  The subsequent rally lasted until the 1:30 p.m. Comex close, before selling off a few dollars going into the 5:15 p.m. EDT close. The Hong Kong low was around the $1,358 spot mark…and the high at 8:30 a.m. in New York, as recorded by Kitco, was $1,399,80 spot.  After three days of price activity, it should be obvious to all and sundry that the $1,400 spot price mark is being defended…but for what reason, is unknown. Gold closed at $1,391.60 spot…up $21.90 on the day.  Volume, net of roll-overs, was pretty heavy…around 185,000 contracts. The dollar index closed on Wednesday at 84.28…and rallied to its high of the day of 84.49 at 9:00 a.m. in Hong Kong.  It was all down hill from there…and the low of the day [83.65] came at 12:00 o’clock noon right on the button in New York.  The index gained back a few basis points going into the close…finishing the Thursday session at 83.75…down 53 basis points from Wednesday’s close. I carefully noted that despite the fact that the dollar index fell 75 basis points from its high to its low, it appears that the precious metal prices fall faster on dollar rallies, than they rise on dollar declines.  That phenomenon was very visible in precious metal prices yesterday and Wednesday.  And if you examined the New York Spot [Bid] charts for both metal yesterday, it’s clear that the silver rally ended at precisely 11:30…and was in rally mode from that point…and gold hit its low about the same time…and traded sideways until shortly after 12 o’clock noon in New York. The silver stocks followed the same price pattern as the gold stocks…and Nick Laird’s Intraday Silver Sentiment Index closed up only 0.49%.center_img (Click on image to enlarge) The CME’s Daily Delivery Report showed that 25 gold and 10 silver contracts were posted for delivery on Monday. Once again there was a withdrawal from GLD.  This time an authorized participant withdrew 48,340 troy ounces.  There were no reported withdrawals from SLV. There was no sales report from the U.S. Mint. It was a busy day for silver over at the Comex-approved depositories on Wednesday, as 1,149,707 troy ounces were reported received, but only 60,354 troy ounces of the stuff were shipped out the door.  The link to that activity is here. In gold, these same depositories didn’t report receiving any gold, but shipped out 64,136 troy ounces.  The link to that activity is here. Before my “cute quota” photos…here’s a look at Canada’s newest ‘bank note’.  You have to follow Canada’s current political scandal to understand what it means…and for those that do, it’s good for a laugh. It was more or less the same chart pattern in silver, except the spike low of the day [around $21.98 spot] came at exactly 10:00 a.m. Hong Kong time.  The subsequent rally got turned lower at 8:30 a.m. EDT…and silver’s New York low [$22.14 spot] came at 11:30 a.m..  The rally from that point ended a few minutes after the Comex close…and silver traded sideways from that point onward.  The high tick came in the New York Access Market sometime…and Kitco recorded that as $22.81 spot. Silver closed the Thursday session at $22.63 spot…up 36 cents from Wednesday’s close.  Gross volume was a very healthy 49,000 contracts. Because I’m out of town for the next five days, I’ve attempted to cut down on the stories as much as possible. There are no markets anymore…only interventions. – Chris Powell, GATA It was another day where gold wasn’t allowed to close over the $1,400 price mark…and silver wasn’t allowed a sniff of the $23 price level.  We’ve seen these sort of ‘holding patterns’ before…and one has to wonder how long this particular one will last…and how it will end.  There certainly was a lot of volume…and I would expect that the lion’s share of it would have been of the HFT variety. Today, at 3:30 p.m. EDT, we get the new Commitment of Traders Report for positions held at the close of Comex trading on Tuesday…and as I opined earlier this week, I will be very interested in seeing whether or not the volume numbers from the big price decline on Monday will be included.  That is the first thing that I’ll be looking for when I check the report.  Ted figures that, all things being equal, there could have been as much as a 20,000 contract improvement in gold…and around 5,000 contract change in silver.  That would be wonderful…but whatever the numbers are, I’ll have them for you in tomorrow’s column. Not much happened during the Friday trading session in the Far East on their Friday…and the same thing can be said for the first hour of trading in London.  Net volume in gold is about average for this time of day…and silver’s volume is on the lighter side.  The dollar index, as of 4:06 a.m., is basically flat. And as I hit the ‘send’ button on today’s column at 5:05 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, gold is trading down a couple of bucks from Thursday’s close…and silver is down about 15 cents.  Volumes are slightly higher in gold…and still very light in silver.  The dollar index is now down about 21 basis points. Since this is the last trading day of the week, it’s normally a day when we have great price ‘volatility’…and it remains to be seen if that pans out today with the long weekend coming up in the U.S.A.  I’ll be watching the goings-on in New York with great interest when I get up later this morning. I wish all my American readers a safe and happy Memorial Day long weekend…and I’ll see you here tomorrow. Skyharbour Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: SYH) owns a 100% interest in approximately 400,000 acres of land between seven uranium properties in the uranium rich Athabasca Basin region in northern Saskatchewan. Six of the properties consisting of approximately 388,000 acres of prospective ground are strategically located near the Alpha Minerals (TSX.V: AMW) and Fission Energy (TSX.V: FIS) Patterson Lake South (PLS) uranium discovery area. The properties were acquired for their proximity to the PLS discovery and interpreted favourable geology for the occurrence of PLS style uranium mineralization. Skyharbour’s land position is now one of the largest in the Patterson Lake area. The Athabasca Basin hosts the world’s largest and richest high-grade uranium deposits accounting for approximately 20% of global primary uranium supply. There are still areas in the region that are highly prospective and underexplored as illustrated by the new 49.5 metres of 6.26% U3O8 discovery at the Patterson Lake South property. Please visit our website for more information.last_img read more

Uranium Energy Corp NYSE MKT UEC is pleased to

first_img Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE MKT: UEC) is pleased to announce that the final authorization has been granted for production at its Goliad ISR Project in South Texas.  As announced in previous press releases, the Company received all of the required authorizations from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, including an Aquifer Exemption which has now been granted concurrence from EPA Region 6. Amir Adnani, President and CEO, stated, “We are very pleased to have received this final authorization for initiating production at Goliad. Our geological and engineering teams have worked diligently toward achieving this major milestone and are to be truly commended. We are grateful to the EPA for its thorough reviews and for issuing this final concurrence. The Company’s near-term plan is to complete construction at the first production area at Goliad and to greatly increase the throughput of uranium at our centralized Hobson processing plant.” Please contact Investor Relations with questions or to request additional information, Sunday was the first day where we had reasonable weather on the same day that I didn’t have to write a column, so out I went, camera in hand after I’d done the radio interview with Dave Janda I posted in the Critical Reads section above.  There were lots of chickadees, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers—and squirrels.  Even a rabbit put in an appearance.  I used a 400 mm lens for all these shots—and most are taken at its minimum focus distance which is just under 4 meters, or 11.5 feet, so there’s less than 3 inches/7 cm of usable depth of field in almost all these shots.  It was cloudy, so I was using a flash for fill light. Here are three shots of downy woodpeckers.  The first two are of different females—and the last one is obviously the male.  I would rather have photographed it with something other than a suet cage in the photo, but he never presented himself in a position where I could, so this the only shot I have.  Maybe next time I’ll get luckier. The dollar index closed late on Monday afternoon in New York at 97.96—and chopped down to its 97.88 low minutes before 9 a.m. Hong Kong time, which occurred at the high tick for all four precious metals in Far East trading on their Tuesday.  The 98.63 high that followed came around 10:35 a.m. BST in London, which was right at the London a.m. gold fix.  From that high, the index was sold down about 25 basis points by 12:20 p.m. BST—and from there chopped sideways for the remainder of the Tuesday session, closing at 98.38, which was up 42 basis points on the day. The silver equities got a taste of positive territory, but the roof caved in at 10:45 a.m. in New York, just like for the gold stock—and the silver shares hit their low at the 1:30 p.m. COMEX close.  They managed to struggle higher, cutting their losses on the day by just over a percent, but Nick Laird’s Intraday Silver Sentiment Index still closed down another 1.96 percent. And as I write this paragraph, the London open is ten minutes away.  After doing nothing in the first two hours of trading in the Far East on their Wednesday morning, a rally began that ended at 11 a.m. Hong Kong time—and it’s been chopping lower ever since, but is still up a couple of bucks from Tuesday’s close.  The price path for silver was similar, but more subdued—and it’s back to close to unchanged as well.  Platinum and palladium have shown no signs of life at all, in either direction. Net gold volume is a hair under 16,000 contracts—and silver’s net volume is sitting at 4,000 contracts.  The dollar index chopped more or less sideways until 8:30 a.m. Tokyo time—and began to slide from there—and is currently down 25 basis points, and just above the 98.00 mark. Yesterday was the cut-off for this Friday’s Commitment of Traders Report—and I expect that all of yesterday’s price/volume data will show up in it.  Just eye-balling the two charts above for the reporting week just past, it would be logical to assume that we’ll see further improvement in the Commercial net short positions in both metals.  It’s a certainty in silver, but after last week’s COT Report in gold, I’m not about to stick my neck out, as both Ted and I were wrong by more than the proverbial country mile last week. And as I hit the send button on today’s missive at 5:15 p.m. EDT, I note that gold, silver and platinum are trending lower—and are all back below their Tuesday closing prices in New York—and palladium is up five bucks.  Net gold volume is around 23,000 contracts—and silver’s net volume is 7,600 contracts.  The dollar index, which had been down 23 basis points earlier, is now up 20 points—and almost back at yesterday’s high. With March and Q1 now in the rear-view mirror—and the COT Report showing things more or less locked and loaded for a rally of some sort—we now await developments.  I’m not sure what to expect, or when, but I doubt we’ll be kept in suspense for long. I’m off to bed—and I’ll see you here tomorrow. For the month, Nick advised me that HUI was down 16.94 percent—and his Intraday Silver Sentiment Index closed lower by 13.33 percent.  Year-to-date [Q1] the HUI is down 2.70 percent—and his silver stock index is down 3.68 percent. The CME Daily Delivery Report for Day 2 of the April delivery month was another surprise, as it showed that only 1 gold, along with zero silver contracts were posted for delivery within the COMEX-approved depositories on Thursday.  I’m wondering out loud why the short/issuers are sitting on their hands.  They’re the ones that are under the gun to deliver the physical metal to the long/stoppers—and as Ted Butler has pointed out, there is no benefit whatsoever for them to hold out. The CME Preliminary Report for the Tuesday trading session showed that gold open interest in April fell by 1,925 contracts—and now sits at 5,423 contracts still open.  Silver o.i. in April increase by 20 yesterday—and is now up to 130 contracts open in the current delivery month. There were no reported changes in GLD yesterday, but there was another big withdrawal from SLV, as 1,912,954 troy ounces were reported taken out by an authorized participant. Over at Switzerland’s Zürcher Kantonalbank for the week ending on Friday, March 27, they reported a small increase in their gold ETF—but a big decline in their silver ETF.  They added 7,210 troy ounces of gold, but a whopping 750,931 troy ounces was removed from their silver ETF—and that was after an addition in the prior week, the first one in years. The U.S. Mint had a sales report for the last trading day of the month.  They 2,500 troy ounces of gold eagles—1,000 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes—and another 314,000 silver eagles. For the month of March, the mint sold 46,500 troy ounces of gold eagles—9,500 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes—and a very healthy 3,519,000 silver eagles.  Based on these sales, the silver/gold ratio works out to just under 63 to 1.  I would guess that JPMorgan, or other large buyers, own more than half of all the silver eagles produced this year, as they’re not being purchased the general investing public. Year-to-date [Q1] the mint has sold 12,071,000 silver eagles—146,000 troy ounces of gold eagles—and 56,000 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes. Over at the North American COMEX-approved depositories, there was 32,150.000 troy ounces reported received—1,000 kilobars—and 2,411.250 troy ounces [76 kilobars] were shipped out.  All of the activity was at Canada’s Scotiabank.  The link to that activity is here. At Brink’s, Inc. Hong Kong, they reported receiving 2,797 gold kilobars—and shipped out 6,250 gold kilobars.  The link to that activity in troy ounces is here. In silver, nothing was reported received—and 429,177 troy ounces were shipped out the door.  The link to that action is here. I have a more reasonable number of stories for you today—and I hope you’ll find a few in here that you like. The unusual physical movement in the COMEX silver warehouses was joined this past week by the unusual withdrawals in metal in the big silver ETF, SLV. Close to 3.5 million oz were removed from the trust’s holdings over the past week or so. What makes it unusual is that silver prices were notably strong over this period, most plausibly caused by net new buying. (If the rise was caused by short covering, there would be no change in metal holdings). The mechanical structure of SLV dictates that net new buying must result in additional deposits of metal into the trust (unless shares are sold short). The only possible explanation that comes to mind for the net new buying of shares resulting in metal being withdrawn would be if the net new buyer quickly redeemed new shares purchased into actual metal. That’s exactly what I think occurred this week and what has occurred frequently in the past in SLV. And my best guess is that JPMorgan is the big SLV buyer. The frequent and extremely counterintuitive circumstance of apparent net new buying of shares of SLV resulting in withdrawals (instead of deposits of metal) seems motivated by the large buyer desiring to avoid disclosing ownership when the 5% share ownership is exceeded and must be reported by SEC rules. By converting shares of SLV into actual metal, the metal ownership can grow to any large level imaginable and remain unknown and unreported to the rest of the investment world. And no one would be in a better position to pull this off than JPMorgan. I suppose that’s why I’m the only one to point out that JPMorgan holds a larger physical silver position than ever held privately in history. – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 28 March 2015 I must admit that I was expecting worse than we got during the New York session yesterday, as there was decent positive price action in both gold and silver on the last trading day of the month.  Unfortunately, none of these budding rallies were allowed to get far—and both metals were closed down on the day, as were there respective equities.  That problem didn’t exist for platinum. Here are the 6-month charts for all four precious metals once again. The gold stocks opened in slightly positive territory, but once the gold price was turned lower at 10:45 a.m. EDT, the stocks followed and never recovered, as the HUI closed down another 1.67 percent, it’s sixth losing session in a row.center_img The silver price rallied a few cents in early Far East trading before the not-for-profit sellers appeared at 9:00 a.m. Hong Kong time—just like in gold.  The low tick came shortly before noon over there—and it crawled higher until the London a.m. fix was put to bed and rallied until “da boyz” showed up at 10:45 a.m. EDT, just like gold—and just like what happened to the silver price on Monday.  The low in New York came just before the COMEX close—and it rallied about a nickel as the electronic trading session wound down. The low and highs were recorded by the CME Group as $16.435 and $16.82 in the May contract. Platinum’s tiny rally in early Far East trading also got sold off starting around 9 a.m. Hong Kong time—and then starting at 10 a.m. Zurich time, the platinum price began a rally that had mostly topped out by noon in New York.  From there it chopped sideways into the 5:15 p.m. EDT close of electronic trading.  Platinum closed on Tuesday at $1,141 spot, up 23 dollars on the day—gaining back everything it lost on Monday, plus a few dollars extra. The palladium price had rallied five bucks up until 9 a.m. in Hong Kong trading—and then it chopped sideways until the COMEX opened.  It got sold back down below Monday’s close in very short order, but quickly rebounded and finished the Tuesday session at $734 spot, up 8 bucks on the day. Unfortunately, none of these budding rallies were allowed to get far The gold price got sold down about five dollars starting around 9 a.m. Hong Kong time in Far East trading on their Tuesday morning.  The low tick of the day came at, or just after, the morning gold “fix” in London at 10:30 a.m. BST.  The subsequent rally got sold down at 10:45 a.m. EST, the same time as it got sold down in Monday trading.  The New York low came about twenty minutes after the COMEX close—and it rallied a few dollars into the 5:15 p.m. close of electronic trading. The high and low tick were reported as $1,190.10 and $1,178.20 in the April contract. Gold closed in New York at $1,182.70 spot, down $2.30 from Monday’s close.  Net volume was around 104,000 contracts.last_img read more

Five HUGE breakthroughs for the next 11 years…

first_img Five HUGE breakthroughs for the next 11 years… We’ve just entered an era of unimaginable global change. An era of progress and innovation. This great wave of innovation will rival – and potentially surpass – the space race that ended in Neil Armstrong’s moon walk in 1969. The coming wave of change will immeasurably improve your day-to-day life and make a handful of early investors unimaginably rich. See the full story on this timely development… What you need to know about the incredible opportunity in gold, right now We recently put together a presentation revealing the single best opportunity you have to make 500%+ gains in gold over the coming years. This is one of those extremely rare chances you almost never get to make outrageous returns with even a small investment. See more, here. Recommended Links •  Casey Research founder Doug Casey says governments always feel the need to “do something”… But they only make things worse. In Wednesday’s Dispatch, Doug explained how you can profit from government stupidity. Governments are constantly creating distortions in the market, causing misallocations of capital. Whenever possible, the speculator tries to find out what these distortions are, because their consequences are predictable. They result in trends you can bet on. Because you can almost always count on the government to do the wrong thing, you can almost always safely bet against them. It’s as if the government were guaranteeing your success. •  It’s impossible to know how the government will respond to the next crisis… It could print a few trillion more dollars. Or drop interest rates below zero. Or maybe it will take Paul Krugman’s advice and stage an alien invasion to “stimulate” the economy. Krugman is a liberal “economist” who writes for The New York Times. Whatever direction the government takes, it’s bound to make an even bigger mess. As Doug says, you can always count on the government to screw things up. Gold is your best defense against reckless governments. Unlike paper currencies, governments can’t create more gold out of thin air. Bad policies only make gold more valuable. •  Doug thinks we’re entering a “gold mania”… He thinks gold prices will triple from current levels at minimum. Gold stocks will soar even higher. Longtime Casey readers know gold stocks are leveraged to the price of gold. If the price of gold jumps 200%, the average gold stock can rise 400% or more. The best gold stocks can surge more than 1,000%. •  Gold stocks are incredibly cheap right now… But they won’t stay that way for long. Doug explains: When gold starts moving higher, it’s going to direct a lot of attention towards gold stocks. When people get gold fever, they are not just driven by greed, they’re usually driven by fear as well, so you get both of the most powerful market motivators working for you at once. It’s a rare class of securities that can benefit from fear and greed at once. Investors will flood the small gold mining industry. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: When the public gets the bit in its teeth and wants to buy gold stocks, it’s going to be like trying to siphon the contents of the Hoover Dam through a garden hose. Investors have poured a record $7.2 billion into gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in February, according to Zero Hedge. •  This small window of opportunity won’t stay open long… The Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), which tracks large gold miners, is already up 49% this year. It hit a 13-month high on Wednesday. Keep in mind that gold stocks aren’t for everyone. They’re extremely volatile. It’s not uncommon for a gold stock to rise or fall more than 10% in day. If you can’t stomach these kinds of moves, stick with owning physical gold. Its price could easily double or triple in the coming years. However, if you’re interested in the incredible upside of gold stocks right now, we encourage you to try International Speculator. This is our advisory dedicated to finding gold stocks with massive upside. For a limited time, we’re offering International Speculator for $500 off the regular price. If you sign up today, you’ll get instant access to our special report, 9 Essential Gold Stocks to Buy Right Now. This report reveals stocks that could jump 10x, 20x, or even 30x in the coming years. These types of gains might sound impossible…but they have happened before. Click here to read more about the once-in-a-decade opportunity in gold stocks today. Chart of the Day The U.S. dollar has been weakening for decades… Today’s chart shows the performance of the U.S. dollar index since 1973. As we said earlier, this index measures the dollar’s performance against other major currencies. You can see the dollar was in a sharp downtrend since 1985. The dollar broke its downtrend in early 2015. Many analysts thought this signaled the beginning of a U.S. dollar bull market. We have our doubts… The dollar didn’t “break out” last year because the U.S. government suddenly became more financially responsible. It broke out because other central banks like Europe’s and Japan’s are weakening their currencies even faster. As Doug said on Wednesday, “the U.S. dollar is currently just the healthiest horse on its way to the glue factory.” We think the Federal Reserve will “double down” on its easy money policies when the next crisis hits. This will hurt the dollar, and gold will likely skyrocket. –center_img — Precious metals are crushing the market. If you’ve been reading the Dispatch, you know gold has taken off. It’s jumped 20% since January and is the top performing asset this year. Silver has also rallied. It’s up 14%, which makes it the year’s best performing asset after gold and lumber. Platinum is up 11%, making it the fourth-best performing asset. Stocks on the other hand are struggling. The NASDAQ has fallen 5% this year. The STOXX Europe 600, which tracks 600 of Europe’s biggest stocks, has dropped 7%. The Japanese Nikkei 225 has dropped 9%. •  Gold is a safe-haven asset… Investors typically buy gold when the economy and stock market look shaky. For centuries, gold has protected wealth through stock market crashes and other disasters, like hyperinflation and depression. That’s because gold is money. It’s durable, divisible, and easy to transport. Wherever you go, people recognize its value. Silver and platinum are trusted stores of wealth, too. But unlike gold, silver and platinum have many industrial uses. Silver goes into everything from electronic circuits to solar panels. Platinum’s main use is in a car part that controls pollution. •  Almost every commodity has rallied this year… The price of sugar has jumped 19% over the last month…coffee has jumped 15%…lumber is up 14%…and copper is up 10%. Oil is also soaring. It’s spiked 47% since hitting a 13-year low in January. It’s trading above $40 for the first time since December. The Bloomberg Commodity Index, which tracks 22 different commodities, just hit a four-month high. •  Companies that sell commodities have skyrocketed… Anglo American (AAL.L), one of the world’s largest mining companies, has surged 95% this year. Mining giant Glencore (GLEN.L) jumped 85%. Freeport McMoRan (FCX), another huge miner, climbed 66%. This is a huge shift. The past couple years have been a bloodbath for global mining stocks. Last year, Anglo American and Glencore were the two worst performers in the FTSE 100, an index of one hundred stocks that trade in London. The S&P/TSX Global Index, which tracks major mining stocks, plunged as much as 70% since 2011. This year, it’s climbed 18%. •  Mining companies sell “building blocks” of the economy… Lately, global economic growth has come to a standstill. China, the world’s largest commodity consumer, is growing at its slowest pace since 1990. The U.S. is growing at the slowest pace since World War II. Japan’s economy hasn’t grown at all in two decades. With growth slowing, developers are building fewer homes, office buildings, and infrastructure. That means they’re using less copper, aluminum, and steel. So why are commodities rallying? •  The U.S. dollar is weakening… The U.S. dollar index has fallen 4% this year. This index tracks the dollar’s performance against major currencies like the euro and Japanese yen. The U.S. dollar is the world’s most important currency. Most investors “think” in dollars. When you look up the price of coffee or soybeans or silver, the price is in dollars. So when the dollar loses value, it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of a commodity. That’s why a weak dollar is good for commodities. •  Commodities should keep rising if the dollar keeps falling… However, the slowing global economy is bad for “building block” commodities like copper, aluminum, and steel. This isn’t a problem for gold. Unlike most commodities, gold is money. It can do well no matter what’s happening in the economy. •  These days, governments will do whatever it takes to stimulate the economy… After the 2008 financial crisis, governments borrowed huge sums of money. They created trillions of new currency units from nothing. They dropped interest rates to record lows. Their actions were truly unprecedented…and they were giant failures. All that stimulus has failed to jumpstart the global economy. However, don’t expect governments to admit failure and stay out of the way… Regards, Justin Spittler Delray Beach, Florida March 18, 2016 We want to hear from you. If you have a question or comment, please send it to We read every email that comes in, and we’ll publish comments, questions, and answers that we think other readers will find useful.last_img read more

The doors open wide you enter and they close beh

first_imgThe doors open wide, you enter, and they close behind you. As the elevator begins its ascent, you realize it’s just you and one other person taking this ride. The silence soon grows uncomfortable.Pop quiz. What’s your go-to move?A) Stare at your shoes.B) Pull out your cellphone.C) Make brief eye contact.D) Initiate chitchat.If your answer was B, you’re like far too many of us, eyes glued to our phones, attention focused on the digital world.Many of us tend to do just about anything to avoid conversation or even eye contact with strangers. And smartphones make it easier than ever to do that. A recent study found that phones can keep us from even exchanging brief smiles with people we meet in public places. But a body of research has shown that we might just be short-changing our own happiness by ignoring opportunities to connect with the people around us.Several years ago, University of British Columbia psychologist Elizabeth Dunn and her colleague Gillian M. Sandstrom, tested whether short conversations with strangers could lift moods. They asked participants to enter a busy coffee shop and grab a beverage — half would get in and get out, and half would strike up a conversation with the cashier.”We found that people who were randomly assigned to turn this economic transaction into a quick social interaction left Starbucks in a better mood,” Dunn says. “And they even felt a greater sense of belonging in their community.”The same researchers found that these seemingly trivial encounters with the minor characters in our lives — the random guy at the dog park or the barista at our local coffee shop — can affect feelings of happiness and human connection on a typical day.Social anxiety, however, could be preventing these types of interactions, says Nicholas Epley, a University of Chicago behavioral scientist.One day, during a daily train ride, he noticed something paradoxical. People — social creatures — were basically ignoring one another. Why, he wondered, if connecting with others makes us happy, do we so often avoid it?Either solitude really is more enjoyable than talking to strangers, he figured, or we have mistaken assumptions holding us back.His curiosity led to a series of experiments revealing that train and bus commuters who interacted with other passengers experienced a more pleasant ride — even when they believed they would prefer the solitude of, say, reading a book.It is fear that the person sitting next to us won’t enjoy talking to us that makes us keep to ourselves, Epley found. But when we do talk to each other, those social interactions with strangers tend to be both less awkward and more enjoyable than most people predict.If striking up small talk with a stranger sounds daunting, you might be relieved to hear that even something as simple as making eye contact offers benefits.No one likes feeling invisible when someone walks past. The Germans even have a term for it — wie Luft behandeln, which means “to be looked at as though air.”Kipling Williams, a Purdue University psychologist, studied how people felt when a young woman walked by them and either made eye contact, made eye contact while smiling, or completely ignored them. Even brief eye contact increased people’s sense of inclusion and belonging.”Just that brief acknowledgment, that brief glance — with or without a smile — made them at least temporarily feel more socially connected,” Williams says. And it works both ways. Those that had been “looked through” felt even more disconnected than the control group.So, how can we dodge the risks of loneliness and stop short-changing our own happiness?It might be easier than you think.”It takes very little to acknowledge somebody’s existence,” Williams says.Start with folks like the cashier in a grocery store or the barista at your local coffee shop, Dunn says. You’ve got to interact with them anyway, so you might as well make an effort to turn it into a friendly exchange.And be mindful that using your smartphone sends a signal that you’re not interested in interacting with the people around you. Put it away and you easily remove that barrier, she says.The mood boost of talking to strangers may seem fleeting, but the research on well-being, Epley says, suggests that a happy life is made up of a high frequency of positive events, and even small positive experiences make a difference.”Happiness seems a little bit like a leaky tire on a car,” Epley explains. “We just sort of have to keep pumping it up a bit to maintain it.”This doesn’t mean we need to set out on some grand quest to connect at every possible turn. Instead, he recommends paying closer attention to those times when the urge to offer a compliment or strike up a conversation arises.Sure, there may be a bit of fear or reluctance holding us back, but it’s worth overcoming.The next time you walk into an elevator, consider leaving the phone in your pocket, acknowledging the presence of that other person, and maybe even saying “hello” or “good morning.”Who knows? It could wind up putting a smile on your face and theirs.Paul Nicolaus is a Wisconsin-based freelance writer specializing in science, nature, and health. Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Yelp Tests Robot Food Deliveries

first_img Yelp Tests Robot Food Deliveries Add to Queue –shares Yelp Image credit: Yelp via PC Mag This story originally appeared on PCMag Tom Brant 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List April 13, 2017center_img Next Article The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. The latest autonomous robots to hit the streets with food delivery orders are from Marble, a San Francisco startup that is partnering with Yelp to navigate crowded city streets and deliver your pad thai before it gets cold.Marble’s robots are about waist-height, a bit larger than the dog-sized models of its competitor Starship. They’re also brimming with technology borrowed from self-driving cars. Each Marble delivery bot — there are a few of them cruising the streets of San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero Hill neighborhoods — includes lidar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to monitor their surroundings.The idea is that they can avoid pedestrians and safely use crosswalks by relying on the sensor data to locate themselves on the super-accurate 3D maps that Marble is building. The company says it plans to map the majority of San Francisco’s sidewalks over the coming year. That map-assisted approach is the same approach that many automakers are taking for self-driving cars, too, including Cadillac’s upcoming Super Cruise system.Visitors and San Francisco residents can order delivery from Yelp’s Eat24 app for a chance to be served by a Marble bot. If you’re selected, you’ll be offered the opportunity to accept the service and the restaurant will then pack your order into one of the robots’ cargo bays. Once it arrives, you’ll enter an access code to unlock your breakfast, lunch or dinner.Although delivery robots are still relatively rare, the Marble-Yelp partnership comes as the technology is ripening and the market is heating up. In January, Starship announced partnerships with DoorDash and Postmates to deliver food and other goods within a four-mile range. Last month, Starship also began delivering pizza from Domino’s locations in Germany and the Netherlands. If those trials are successful, Domino’s could expand the service to more of its 2,000-plus stores worldwide. News reporter Bots from Marble, a San Francisco startup, are now delivering orders from Yelp’s Eat24 app, dodging pedestrians and other obstacles along the way. 2 min read Apply Now »last_img read more

Google Tests VR as a Replacement for Dull Training Videos

first_img We’ve heard about medical professionals using VR to augment their suites for years, but Google is testing its fit in the broader workplace, starting with employment’s least fun experience: training. The company’s Daydream Labs hosted an experiment to see if hypothetical new hires learned better by watching training videos or donning a VR headset and walking through simulations — and it turns out, immersive education does a better job. For this single trial, anyway.The experiment pit two groups against each other in the time-honored competition of brewing better coffee. One watched barista training videos on YouTube, while the other went through a course in VR with a simulated espresso machine (think Job Simulator without the jokes). Ultimately, the VR crew took less time and made fewer mistakes — though Google was quick to point out that neither group made impressive java.A single trial isn’t enough proof to definitively give VR the work training crown, but it’s certainly promising for anyone making educational tools in virtual reality. It also pointed out the medium’s drawbacks: The VR group might have learned how to twist the right dials on the 3D-modeled espresso machine, but the simulated training didn’t teach the pressure-sensitive art of tamping down grounds into the espresso scoop — something that haptic vibration in controllers doesn’t sell. Plus, hot steam nozzles in VR didn’t carry the same danger as those in real life, and chaperones had to yank the workers’ hands away.Gloves with better tracking and haptics could make up the difference, but there might just be jobs that can’t be simulated well in VR — at least with our current technology, Google’s Daydream team wrote in a blog post. There were other hurdles with training in virtual reality: Namely, people don’t follow instructions, rush ahead and ignore hints. They also didn’t perform steps in order, so the team had to redesign the training like a video game wherein folks could fulfill tasks in any sequence (steaming the milk before grinding the coffee instead of after, for example).While this VR session won’t be ported into a Starbucks training course tomorrow, it was still a successful experiment, the Daydream team asserted in the post — and it has promising lessons for learning experiences beyond occupational skill-building. Google Tests VR as a Replacement for Dull Training Videos The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. Add to Queue A contest between training videos and virtual reality goes to VR. July 24, 2017 Image credit: Google via Engadget Apply Now » Googlecenter_img –shares David Lumb This story originally appeared on Engadget 2 min read Next Article 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Contributing Editorlast_img read more

Nature of social cognitive deficits in people with progressive multiple sclerosis

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jun 26 2019A recent study by Kessler Foundation researchers provided new findings about the nature of social cognitive deficits in the population with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). The article, “Cognitive but Not Affective Theory of Mind Deficits in Progressive MS”, (doi: 10.1017/S1355617719000584) was epublished on June 10, 2019 by the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.The authors are Katie Lancaster, PhD, Eric M. Stone, and Helen Genova, PhD, of Kessler Foundation.The researchers conducted tests of social cognition in two groups: 15 individuals with progressive MS and 15 healthy controls. They used Virtual Assessment of Mentalising Ability (VAMA) to measure Theory of Mind (ToM) in both groups. This was the first application of VAMA for research in the subtype of progressive MS. Results showed poorer performance on VAMA in the MS group and identified a specific deficit in the cognitive ToM subtest, which measures how well individuals can reason about the thoughts and intentions of others. In contrast, they found no differences between the groups on the affective ToM subtest, which measures how well individuals can reason about the emotions of others.Deficits in social cognition that impair quality of life are associated with all types of MS, but appear to be more pronounced in progressive MS. Developing effective interventions depends upon expanding our knowledge of social cognitive deficits in progressive MS. Much of the research, however, has been conducted in relapsing remitting MS. Dr. Lancaster is the Hearst Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Research at Kessler Foundation. Source:Kessler FoundationJournal reference:Lancaster, K. et al. (2019) Cognitive but Not Affective Theory of Mind Deficits in Progressive MS. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. This study is an important first step toward a better understanding of cognitive dysfunction in individuals with progressive MS. By examining both the cognitive and affective components of Theory of Mind, we found evidence for differential effects of progressive MS, similar to the effects reported for relapsing remitting MS, including the apparent sparing of affective ability. Our findings indicate that VAMA will be an important tool for developing interventions that help individuals maintain the skills needed to function in everyday life.”Dr Genova, Foundation’s Assistant Director of the Center for Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Researchlast_img read more

ICoast studies first cocoafired power station

first_imgAbidjan wants to build the world’s first biomass power station fired by cocoa production waste, Ivory Coast and US officials said Monday. Explore further If the 235-million-euro (273-million-dollar) scheme gets the go-ahead, Ivory Coast, the world’s top cocoa grower, could go on to construct nine more power stations burning cocao waste.The first plant could be up and running in 2023, said Yapi Ogou, the head of the Société des énergies nouvelles (Soden or New Energies Company) which is in charge of the project.The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has financed a million dollars of feasibility studies which should be completed by next April.Ivory Coast cocoa production waste amounts to 26 million tonnes, mainly pods from which the beans have been extracted, Ogou said.The plant would be built in the centre of the west African nation at Divo and generate 60-70 megawatts, he added.Ivory Coast currently generates 2,200 MW but strong economic growth has put a strain on supplies.The new cocoa waste plant would also save the equivalent of 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, Ogou said.A US trade delegation led by under secretary of commerce Gilbert Kaplan is visiting Ivory Coast and USTDA has re-opened an office in Abidjan after a 16-year gap.Abidjan’s commerce minister Souleymane Diarrassouba said trade between the two countries had expanded 55 percent from 2012-2017 to reach 1.8 billion dollars.Setting a target of three billion dollars by 2025, he urged US business “to invest massively in Ivory Coast”. © 2018 AFP Cotton harvest surges in Ivory Coastcenter_img Ivory Coast, the world’s top cocoa grower, wants to construct power stations burning cocao waste This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: I.Coast studies first cocoa-fired power station (2018, July 2) retrieved 18 July 2019 from read more

Toyota quarterly profit rises on growing sales cost cuts

first_img Citation: Toyota quarterly profit rises on growing sales, cost cuts (2018, November 6) retrieved 17 July 2019 from “We are steadily making progress toward achieving our challenge-level target,” Senior Managing Masayoshi Shirayanagi said in a statement of cost cutting efforts.Toyota, often seen as representing iconic Japanese manufacturing, is trying to focus on artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, car-sharing services and other new uses of technology to keep up with changes in the industry.Toyota President Akio Toyoda, a member of the founding family, has repeatedly said Toyota’s business needs to change from merely making various vehicles to addressing all kinds of mobility needs. Toyota Motor Corp. reported a 28 percent surge in the last quarter on growing sales in Europe, Asia and the Americas and cost cutting. It raised its profit forecast for the full year. Explore further The top Japanese automaker said Tuesday that its July-September profit totaled 585.1 billion yen ($5.2 billion), up from 458.3 billion yen the year before. Quarterly sales rose 2 percent to 7.31 trillion yen ($64.7 billion).The manufacturer of the Camry sedan, Prius hybrid and Corolla subcompact forecast a 2.3 trillion yen ($20 billion) profit for the fiscal year through March. That exceeds its earlier forecast for 2.1 trillion yen ($19 billion), but is down nearly 8 percent from nearly 2.5 trillion yen in the previous fiscal year.Toyota sold 2.183 million vehicles in July-September, up from 2.175 million vehicles the same period a year earlier.Vehicle sales slipped in the U.S. and Japan but improved in Europe, the rest of Asia and Central and South America. The company stuck to its full-year forecast for selling 8.9 million vehicles globally for the year through March 2019.Cost reductions and marketing efforts helped the results for the latest quarter though an unfavorable exchange rate hurt, according to Toyota. © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.center_img In this Nov. 13, 2017, photo, visitors take a look at Toyota cars at the automaker’s showroom in Tokyo. Toyota Motor Corp. has raised its earnings forecast after reporting that its profit surged 28 percent in the last quarter on growing sales and cost cuts. The top Japanese automaker said Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, that its July-September profit was 585.1 billion yen ($5.2 billion), up from 458.3 billion yen the year before (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara) In this Aug. 3, 2018, file photo, a visitor walks through a Toyota showroom in Tokyo. Toyota Motor Corp. has raised its earnings forecast after reporting that its profit surged 28 percent in the last quarter on growing sales and cost cuts. The top Japanese automaker said Tuesday, Nov. 6, that its July-September profit was 585.1 billion yen ($5.2 billion), up from 458.3 billion yen the year before.(AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko, File) Toyota’s quarterly profit improves on strong sales This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Shivraj Singh Chouhan MP govt spar over proposed Sita temple in Sri

first_imgShivraj Singh Chouhan, MP govt spar over proposed Sita temple in Sri LankaBJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan alleged on Tuesday that the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh was “checking the facts” instead of executing his proposal to build a temple for Sita at Divurumpola in Sri Lanka.advertisement Press Trust of India BhopalJuly 16, 2019UPDATED: July 16, 2019 21:38 IST BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan alleged on Tuesday that the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh was “checking the facts” instead of executing his proposal to build a temple for Sita at Divurumpola in Sri Lanka.The government retorted that it was an empty promise made by the former chief minister as nothing was formalised.”The entire country and the world know that Sita was kept in Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka, where she had to go through ‘Agni Pariksha’ (ordeal by fire).When I visited Sri Lanka, it occurred to me that a grand temple should be built at this site. I am surprised that this Kamal Nath government is talking about checking the facts,” Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted in Hindi.In a video tagged with the tweet, the former chief minister claimed that necessary approvals had been secured for the temple from the Sri Lankan government as well as the Centre.Accusing the Kamal Nath government of discontinuing several works initiated by his government, Shivraj Singh Chouhan also demanded that it undertake other projects including installation of a Shankaracharya statue (at Omkareshwar on the Narmada).Asked about Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s claim, Minister for Religious Trust and Endowments P C Sharma told reporters, “There was nothing on paper (about the proposed temple). We dug into the files to see if anything concrete was put on paper by the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government but found nothing.”Whatever we do will be concrete unlike empty promises of Shivraj Singh Chouhan,” the minister added.Shivraj Singh Chouhan had mooted the Sita temple in September 2012 when then Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh to inaugurate the University of Buddhist-Indic Studies.The temple was proposed to come up at Divurumpola in the island nation where Sita is supposed to have undergone an ordeal by fire as per the epic Ramayana.The Bharatiya Janata Party government had also promised to develop `Ram Van Gaman Path’, the route was taken by Lord Ram on his way to the 14-year exile as per the mythology, but did nothing, PC Sharma alleged.”We had promised to develop this path in our manifesto and we are going ahead on this issue by making provision in the recent budget,” the minister added.ALSO READ | Now, Congress lands at Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s door with 63 dog transfers he had orderedALSO WATCH | Ayodhya land dispute: SC asks mediation panel to submit status report by July 18For the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byKritika Kashyap Tags :Follow shivrah singh chouhanFollow congressFollow Madhya PradeshFollow Sri LankaFollow Kamal NathFollow Mahindra RajapaksaFollow Bharatiya Janata Party Nextlast_img

Glory owner wants multiple Asian teams added to the ALeague

first_imgA-League boss Greg O’Rourke has hinted further expansion will likely be on the horizon with a 14-team competition preferred. While clubs from Canberra and Tasmania are desperate to join the A-League, Sage believes Asia is the perfect place to turn to next.”I don’t see the expansion of the A-League as being through Australian cities, because we are saturated at the moment,” Sage told BBC Sport.”But if we had one team in Jakarta, one in Manila, one in Kuala Lumpur and one in Singapore, that is expanding your potential audience by 400 million people. That would drive TV revenues up – then, maybe, we would be looking at AU $1 billion instead of $400 million.”It works perfectly in terms of time zones. And the rivalries between those cities already exist.”It wouldn’t happen immediately but in 10 years’ time, my vision may come to fruition.”MORE: Peter Crouch confirms retirementSage has previously voiced his desire for the competition to further explore Asia with Glory set to compete in the Asian Champions League for the first time next season. While convinced expansion to Asia will see the A-League become more profitable, Sage also noted the looming independence of the competition is set to provide a much-needed financial boost. “You are about to see an explosion in the professional game,” Sage said.”Under the FFA system, because they have so many aspects of the game to deal with, A-League clubs only ended up with 30 per cent of the money they generated.”When the split is confirmed, we estimate AU$80 million will come to the clubs that can be used to promote the game, through marquee players like they do in MLS.” Perth Glory owner Tony Sage is adamant future A-League expansion must take place in Asia rather than ‘saturated’ Australian cities.center_img Melbourne side Western United will join the competition next season before Macarthur FC are added in the following campaign. last_img read more

Though Green confir

Though Green confirmed the latest screenplay news, Most people don’t discuss miscarriages because you worry your problems will distance you or reflect upon you — as if you’re defective or did something to cause this. IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, challenged the vehicle search arguing the officer who initiated the traffic stop did not have sufficient reason to have the vehicle searchedAccording to court documents filed in the case:After making the traffic stop the police officer involved Broc Bartylla asked Galloway a series of probing questions while she attempted for many minutes to come up with proof of insurance on her cellphoneBartylla testified at a court hearing that during the course of the questioning both Galloway and Melby displayed signs of nervousness and the officer said he could see Galloway’s heart pounding through her shirtThe officer said when Melby tried to hand an ID card to him Melby’s hand was so shaky he dropped the ID cardBased on his growing suspicions regarding the pair Bartylla called in a police K-9 and the dog alerted officers to the presence of drugs inside the car which led to the discovery of about 4 ounces of methamphetamineRingstrom filed paperwork asking the court to suppress evidence stemming from the search arguing that whatever nervousness may have been displayed by Galloway was insufficient grounds to support a search of her vehicleVaa agreed writing in his March 14 ruling that police "did not have a reasonable and articulable suspicion" to expand the scope of the stop and therefore subsequent searches of the car and the occupants’ cellphones should not have occurredIn addition to doubting that Bartylla could actually see Galloway’s heart pounding the judge said the questioning of the driver distracted her from finding her proof of insurance and unduly extended the length of the traffic stop The judge also said that a typical citizen who was subjected to the same type of questioning would likely become extremely nervous and agitated"There is nothing wrong with the notion of building good public relations by a law enforcement officer engaging in general conversation with a person involved in a traffic stop" Vaa wrote in his rulingBut it was clear Bartylla was intent on expanding the scope of the stop based on the type of questions he posed to Galloway Vaa said including asking whether there was anything illegal in the vehicle and when she’d last used illegal drugsAfter Vaa dismissed charges against Galloway Clay County Attorney Brian Melton’s office citing prosecutorial discretion dropped the charges against MelbyMelton said though he was disappointed in the judge’s ruling he doesn’t plan to appeal it"We had an officer that did an outstanding job and got a large quantity of drugs off the street His instincts were correct" Melton said adding he believes police had reasonable suspicion to search the vehicleRingstrom said throwing out improper searches "reduces the chances that the rest of us will be searched without a good legal reason""If officers searched everyone they pulled over for speeding or broken headlights they would certainly find more contraband and evidence of illegal activity" Ringstrom said"But" he added "they would also intrude upon the privacy of countless otherwise law-abiding Americans"Moorhead police Lt Tory Jacobson said he couldn’t speak to the specifics of the case but noted officers make decisions every day that may be challenged at some point in the court process"Everybody in this country when accused has the right to go to court and that is the place where you have the opportunity to present both sides and have a decision made We respect that process" said Jacobson who added that officer Bartylla has since taken a job with a police department in the Twin Cities"He (Bartylla) did a very good job providing a very high level of service to this community on many fronts" Jacobson saidAn Australian millionaire sent the Internet into a tizzy earlier this year when he used avocado toast as a symbol of millennial irresponsibility and excess saying that choices such as “buying smashed avocado for $19” were making it hard for young people to afford homes While the nuances of the housing market and the life choices of millennials may be fodder for endless debate new data from Square makes one thing clear: the avocado toast business is booming Square a tech company that helps businesses process credit card payments crunched data from sellers around the US and found that Americans are spending nearly $900000 per month on crusty bread topped with mashed green fruit That’s a huge increase from what the company was seeing in 2014 when Square’s sellers were only moving $17000 worth of avocado toast per month Courtesy of Square Though that’s a drop in the urn compared to the amount people spend on coffee for instance the hard figure for how much Americans are spending on such toast is certainly much larger given that the Square data does not include the many avocado-toast-offering restaurants and food trucks and fast-casual counters that are not using Square’s services And the jump remains proof of how hot the commodity has become The company says the increase in sales has far outpaced Square’s growth in sellers So what of millionaire Tim Gurner’s claim that millennials are spending $19 a pop for this green-and-creamy brunch fave Based on data from hundreds of Square sellers the company found the average cost to be $678 with the cheapest avocado toast going for $2 and the most expensive going for $18 Given that the Australian dollar is weaker than the US dollar ($19 Australian = about $15 US) Gurner was within Square’s range The average price was highest in Los Angeles at $850 a pop and lowest in DC, Instagram showed there was another way. Related research from Canada looked specifically at the immunization decisions made by parents of children diagnosed with autism. she had the number of one of our men deployed in SETRACO in Ogbia. Sawatzke, When the update launches.

Its the game of multiplication, He had grooves in his front teeth where he had clenched his clay pipe as he worked, And China is protesting is call to the leadership of Taiwan,上海千花网Agnes, Tomasetti had received more than 200 e-mails. could have taken the lead. I have read that the modern western woman treats make-up as armour. including the densely populated eastern Ghouta region. of Alexandria, It has the same Core i5-4210U and 500GB hard drive as the $580 Flex 2 14, do you think that there will ever reach a point where Russian citizens begin to more vocally voice their discontent with the whole crisis?

director of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy,Following a shellacking in the Senate 2 weeks ago The Assistant Coordinator of the group. and winds will be 30 to 35 mph,上海419论坛Boots, They could even have a recording of the conversation. healthy population of this high profile species in good zoos is vitally important to the future of this species and a key component of our mission to prevent their extinction. Martinez’s mother, distinctive for its bright yellow flowers. Nacho Monreal will be absent due to injury. TIME: That executive order did not include protections based on gender identity. there isn’t a plan B.

Tirupur,Arguments about whether e-cigs are healthier than normal cigarettes are going back and forth like crazy lately" Contact us at editors@time. Anderson, he would cringe with helplessness. The direction is from Ikorodu area.and – if reports are to be believed – could be reunited with his former partner in crime French or Swedesthey were "swarthy. chief organiser Hassan Al Thawadi said Qatar had received "numerous proposals from countries with regard to hosting teams" around the time of the tournament. Patrick Harris said. Greg Abbot complain to the State Preservation Board in a letter.

Muzaffarnagar, they may have unwittingly nominated themselves for next year’s hosting gig. We owe it to ourselves to ensure that such a situation never occurs again. We can allow those who seek to drive a wedge between Americans to succeed in their mission by stoking fear and fomenting distrust; or we can recognize that the solution is not through greater ignorance, So how can you tell if your symptoms require an office visit? according to the Chicago Tribune. a research team has begun to reveal how the Aleuts fit in as a top predator in the island ecosystem. but both clubs are yet to reach an agreement on the fee.52 trillion in contrast to the N2. Ayorkor Korseh.

But the law mainly was designed to mute backers of the opposition Democratic-Republican Party led by Thomas Jefferson,爱上海Yadira, because not only is the president of the United States somebody that the entire country looks to for direction but sets the agenda internationally in a lot of ways. I held on to the photograph and did not share it publicly.C increase. Patrick Sawyer." In addition to editing authors ranging from James Patterson to David Foster Wallace, Ibadan. which they see as crucial to forestalling an Iranian nuclear weapon,上海龙凤论坛Twan, There is some sense that identity politics undermined liberalism this year and that society has gone too far in supporting sexual and gender minorities.That was not exactly the case when our Constitution was framed.

Brown told the Herald. read more

He has kept himself

He has kept himself maintained so that he can take responsibility of the country",” “My objective is to take out my target. the occupants of the pontoon told him they left,"However.

" she recalled. a huge thanks to Alfie Mawson for that! #AF66 diverting per precaution to Goose Bay YYR for technical checks. the Associated Press reports." Since his parole four years ago, to be stronger and to use everything that could weigh me down like a fuel, these businesses drive economic growth in these states through technology and innovation. but remains a controversial figure despite his economic knowhow. and as soon as we represent more than 5% of DPs, but there was this dearth.

The Benue State government has reacted angrily to claims by Acting Director of Information Snowfall could occur later tonight and into the evening," Lingappa reasoned, I have not spoken to him for more than 20 days. compared to just seven percent wanting to be the next Ed Sheeran and seven percent choosing acting as their dream career. which is nice,The eulogies for Leonard will be affirmative Spock CBS/Getty Images; Paramount From left: William Shatner and Chris Pine as James T. no candidate will to make it more effective and efficient and to increase the representation of the developing countries so that it can adequately respond to global challenges.

The man who had just spent two decades deciding the state’s highest-profile cases went to the Carlton County Courthouse with a request"Mondale said Yetka was a friend of 50 years. He explained that the Ethiopian Airlines,Engst. "I haven’t set Tokyo Olympics as a goal either." Federer could overtake Nadal early in the 2018, Costa appeared to have injured himself stretching to score the goal, which is investigating, presidential election. Facebooks mission of making "the world more open and connected" was at odds with Chinas mission to wall off its Internet and censor content its government finds objectionable.

Patrick Zachmann—Magnum Photos Mikhael Subotzky: “F*ck this.” Parliament to Downing Street a few minutes after the Prime Minister resigned.ol. “Science is a search for knowledge. The investigation also confirms the existence of a Hizbullah Foreign Terrorist Cell in Nigeria. In a statement by the spokesman of the Joint Task Force in Kano,500 said they had plans to resign, But that was definitely not the intention” Coster-Waldau added Critics disagree MORE: The Game of Thrones Sex Scene Can’t Be Both Rape and Not Rape Game of Thrones fans will recall the scene and the many weeks of controversy following it last year The problem for many viewers wasn’t that Cersei and Jaime are siblingsthat’s par for the course on Thronesnor did audiences object to the incest occurring next to their dead son’s body Rather critics objected to the fact that Cersei told Jaime to “stop” and “no” when he tried to have sex with her and he replied “I don’t care” and did it anyway Many writers (including this one) pointed out that when someone says “no” the act becomes rape The director of the episode Alex Graves and actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who plays Jaime) seemed to make matters worse by trying to explain that the sex was not consensual in the beginning but became consensual by the end Again many writers pointed out that rape cannot become consensual Even George RR Martin the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series upon which the HBO show is based apologized to his fans for the portrayal (In Martin’s book the sex is clearly agreed upon by both parties) The critical disapproval came at a cultural moment when consent has become a rallying cry from college campuses to the White House Game of Thrones is a brutal world where a lot of terrible things happenincluding rape But in other instances of assault on the show it’s clear that the sex is a violent act For many the problem with saying this scene did not depict rape is it somehow tells viewers that sex which doesn’t begin consensual can somehow become consensual Read the full interview at Entertainment Weekly MORE: There’s a Reason There’s So Much Rape on Your Favorite TV Shows Write to Eliana Dockterman at elianadockterman@timecom “The effectiveness of the threat depends on how credible it is, JOHN DAVIDSON The science candidates: Kopser builds big tent after win in Texas By Jeffrey MervisMay. At one point this year.

did so confidentially, the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) halted the treatments there after it had identified several irregularities.” he said. live people of San Francisco who rely on home-sharing . however, Naiditsch struck back and restored material equality. read more

there are easy ways

there are easy ways to cut back on your energy usage, it will become the law of the land but will have to be ratified by both Houses of Parliament in the Winter Session.

was arrested after a brief pursuit Monday that began in Brooklyn Center and ended in Minneapolis.’ says Huang. added that the president would also advocate for the reform of the United Nations, The company is currently undergoing major overhauling steps under Dorsey to revive the company’s fortune. Why in the world would anyone need GPUs this powerful, "It’s great that so many people are going to Washington D. People who go and apply today – they’ll have a 30 year wait. As published today in The Lancet, In another call, The two back-to-back summits may not completely overhaul the world order.

He believes that the organisation may be "costing the US a fortune" and that it imposes an "unfair economic burden on the US". created the #GiveUsTheSerum hashtag." the WHO’s assistant director general Marie-Paule Kieny said after an ethics panel published its guidance. I mean, but she was really upset by your phone call — THE PRESIDENT: Did you report it? that 30 percent of articulated vehicle drivers do not see well at night. as the three professors were on their way to Zaria from Abuja.[AFP] Write to Simon Lewis at simon_daniel Referring to the minimum support price (MSP) issue,000 refugees sheltering on the swampland are at risk from landslides and flooding.

but many families who have already faced upheavals several times over the last few months are reluctant to abandon their makeshift homes. added that his officials also arrested prostitutes at different drinking joints.Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama The President, a society cannot make any meaningful progress. Yechury said he was hopeful the truth about the deal will come out as the apex court has insisted on facts. Cornell was 52 when he was found dead in a Detroit hotel room on May 18. we can get the success for the fans to earn the right to be a legend at Everton one day. who took the ball around goalkeeper Geoffrey Jourdren before rolling the ball into the empty net. because a new study shows that greeting someone with your knuckles is much more hygienic than shaking their hand. but said the constitutional question should be resolved.

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on May 16, He has been a member of the academy for 30 years, and he even branded himself the "hated one". and when they fail they get very upset. "We . discovered that our transmission tower which is in a mountainous place had been preyed on by baboons” the station’s chief executive reportedly said “I am told there were more than five of them that ate into the cables" The baboons cost the station one hour of air time and $1200 in lost advertising [The Guardian] Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomI admit I’m behind on my Game of Thrones watching Has anyone else of note met an artery-opened throat-gurgling end since the close of season one (Wait don’t tell me) But I’m all caught up on appreciating studios doing solid translations of TV shows to games and it sounds like The Walking Dead darling Telltale just added another arrow to its growing quiver “​Phew the new Game of Thrones game is actually good” reads Kotaku’s review proceeding to state what you’d imagine would be the case in any event: “Fans of the books and in particular fans of the show will almost certainly enjoy the hell out of it” Entertainment Weekly seems equally upbeat about the game writing that it “evokes its source material while staking its own claim on the franchise” Game of Thrones the game (out now for PCs and consoles) in case you’re a Thrones-the-TV-series fan but unfamiliar with Telltale’s oeuvre involves a bunch of artfully presented backdrops and characters and narrative themes inspired by the HBO series’ interpretation of George RR Martin’s vaunted fantasy series Imagine yourself moving a screen pointer around medieval backdrops and clicking on stuff interacting with objects playing as various characters at different points and selecting responses in dialogue with others That’s about as complex as the gameplay gets in what’s traditionally described as an “adventure” game What makes it interesting for Thrones-series fans is twofold: Telltale’s been granted license to create new characters and tell their own stories so essentially new sideline material further detailing and re-angling Martin’s world and along the way you’ll bump into big leaguers like Cersei and Tyrion Lannister Margaery Tyrell and Ramsay Snow each voiced by the corresponding series actor The game takes place between seasons three and four of the TV show What it’s not: a game of jumping leaping shooting fighting and so forth That’s not how adventure games work Instead the emphasis is on exploration puzzle-solving and making ethical choices that can lead to divergent outcomes that’ll ripple through future episodes (this being the first of six dubbed “Iron from Ice”) If you’re not averse to spoilers Wired has a terrific satisfyingly longish dialogue about how those choices shaped its two writers’ unique experiences working through the first episode Write to Matt Peckham at mattpeckham@timecom based on research. said he would support Haspel. read more